The Polish Fashion House, POCA & POCA unveiled its Autumn/Winter 2022 collection on March 28th 2022,

at a stunning fashion show during Arab Fashion Week in Dubai, with the theme “Hypnotic Charm”.

Beautiful models presented the collection’s unique looks, each with elegance and sophistication,

representing the POCA & POCA woman’s femininity and beauty, as they cat-walked down the runway.

The looks exude radiance and feminine grace and poise, celebrating the feminine silhouette while illustrating the timeless elegance,

redefined in a contemporary context. Each piece has been designed for the self-aware woman,

who is not afraid to step out in style, to make a bold statement and hypnotically capture attention.

The color palette introduces new tones of deep bottle green, chocolate brown, juicy orange, raspberry red, violet

and cobalt blue, while refreshed with silver and framed with beige and black, a masterful combination of colors.

The pieces take on luxurious fabrics as well as a unique bubble fabric

and prints, to wonderfully depict an artistic craftsmanship, once again engraving POCA & POCA’s signature designs into fashion.

This effervescent collection evolves an expansion into magnificent attributes through superb detailing of the contemporary wardrobe.

Impeccable dresses and blouses are elegantly cuffed at the wrists with a discerning trim; fringes

and ruffles sculpt the sleeves, neckline and hems of dresses, culminating into a romantic blend of volumes. Geometric

and asymmetrical tailoring as well as ruched details give blouses and jumpsuits a dramatic twist.

This season’s woman radiates with joyful poses, lots of movement and a relaxed attitude,

capturing the essence of sophistication in dynamic silhouettes, rich fabrics and unique details from POCA & POCA.

The POCA & POCA Autumn/Winter 2022 “Hypnotic Charm” collection

will be available in the POCA & POCA boutique at the Galeries Lafayette in The Dubai Mall, and online on www.pocaandpoca.com

Discover video of the Fashion Show HERE

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