She admires the crisp autumnal air, watching the clouds pass across the sky as the wind brings a cool breeze to her face.

The POCA & POCA woman loves this force of nature, mesmerized by how the season changes

and trees answer to this call of adaptation by turning their leaves to an array of fantastic colours,

modifying the horizon to a glorious scenery of enigma and beauty.

Just as she looks up, a floating feather glides across her face, she closes her eyes and makes a wish,

hoping the feather will carry her hopes and dreams further, bringing back the answer she longs for, just like a mystic poise.

The POCA & POCA Autumn/Winter 2021 “Mystic Poise” Collection is inspired by the force of nature, transcending sophistication

and elegance within a womenswear collection which is set to convey confidence and grace, creating exuberance in a look poised with an aura of mysticism.

Clothes are refined with a finesse, accentuated with luxury material in bold colours of violet, indigo, blue, ruby red, pinks, cream

and black, that add sparkle to the garments, reflecting a decorative functionality

and an enigmatic energy that exudes charm, opulence and a savoir flair that only POCA & POCA can perfectly communicate.

Fringes and ruffles animate dresses as finishing touches to their edges, expressing wonder and beauty.

A slight accent of checks, zebra and polka dot patterns animate a jumpsuit, dresses and blouses adding a playful attribute to the collection,

for a unique and memorable exposure to this purpose and intention. Tunic blouses are proposed with 7/8 pants conveying a sophistication,

juxtaposed with a powerful energy that is especially emphasized and felt when worn on the body.

Asymmetry takes over the dresses to reveal the arms or the legs, a fashionable trend seen across the global fashion houses.

Another trend seen in the collection are feathers added on blouses, jackets and tunics, whether in one colour or multi-colored,

for a wonderful eye-catching detail which is very characteristic of the brand’s whimsical nature.

The brand’s signature puffed sleeves with elastic makes a come back in the collection, an iconic feature in dresses

and blouses adding a fanciful fluidity to the arms making it an exciting part of the look.

Gold buttons adorn the pieces to add a decorative yet functional element to a dress,

a blouse or high-waist pants, an ornament made to create a shiny illusion to the already mystic poise.

POCA & POCA’s Autumn / Winter 2021 “Mystic Poise” collection is now available

at the POCA & POCA boutiques at the Galeries Lafayette in The Dubai Mall, and online on www.shop.pocaandpoca.com

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