Suit jackets for powerful women

Among the jackets in our POCA & POCA collection you may find some interesting pieces with a double breasted cut, sharp shoulders and a V-neck, that give them a neat, tailored look. We have no doubt that you already feel like a powerful woman, but these jackets will boost your confidence even more! It's because they make you look elegant, sophisticated and classy. They feature flap side pockets, transparent cream enamel buttons, transparent ring buttons and more. Depending on your mood and the occasion, you can choose among different colours: bold and bright pink that will definitely not go unnoticed or pastel shades of blue and yellow for a more neutral look. They are simple, yet exceptionally stylish. Smart and formal, yet extremely comfortable. Plain, yet abundantly feminine. They are everything that a strong, powerful highly confident woman would want to wear. In these jackets you are headed straight for success!


What is the best match for jacket?

Our POCA & POCA jackets go very well with matching trousers – they blend together into a ravishing trouser suit that emanates elegance. This is a classic choice that is bound to look good. However, it is not your only option. You could also match them with smart skirts, for instance pencil skirts. If you want to dress it up, the best choice of shoes will be a cute pair of high heels – these jackets look very well, both accompanied by stilettos or chunky heels. For a slightly more laid-back occasion, you can dress it down and wear it with a pair of flat shoes or sandals, which will give the whole attire a casual touch. If you want to discover more options, browse through our POCA & POCA clothing lines and see what works best for you. The only limit is your own imagination!


One jacket, many occasions

When it comes to clothes, there are certain things that never go out of fashion and will always look appropriate. And elegant suit jackets are an excellent example of these things. You can never have too many of them, because they can be worn on so many occasions: formal business meetings, receptions, family reunions and other formal or slightly less formal events. Depending on what you decide to match them with, they may look very smart or smart casual. Have a go at mixing and matching them with various pieces of clothing that you already have in your wardrobe or any future purchases (especially from POCA & POCA collections) and create a unique ensemble for every single event that you attend. Remember: some things do not happen twice, nor do some outfits! So if you wish, you can be creative and put together something different each and every time. Go, girl!


Timeless, classic design

Our superb POCA & POCA jackets were inspired by the chic style of the 60s – our master tailors know perfectly well that such designs are timeless and will always remain a good fashion choice. They are like red nail varnish or a little black dress – you can never get it wrong with them. If they could speak for a person who is wearing them, one word they would definitely say is “professional”. They fit extremely well into the working environment – for every businesswoman who is about to hold an important meeting, deliver a presentation, participate in negotiations with clients or suppliers. They will say a few words about you before you even get the chance to introduce yourself. And these words will be competent, skilful, capable, serious. These jackets are an excellent basis to your professional outfit – now the only thing that you need to do is to pick a few other pieces to go with them.