Spring / Summer 2024 Women Collection

The calm and melancholic period of winter is behind us, in which we usually slow down a bit, allowing ourselves to be carried away by contemplation and blissful respite. Now it's time for spring awakening and revival again, not only among people, but also in nature, which gives us a lot of optimism and life-giving energy. We want to act, live dynamically and actively, go crazy, euphorically enjoy the excess sun and explore the corners of the world. Holiday travels and the awakening flora were the main inspirations for the latest Spring / Summer 2024 Women Collection. We love visiting beautiful, characteristic places famous for various details, so why not refer to them with a fancy outfit from our latest women collection ? Step into our Spring / Summer 2024 collection and let yourself be carried away by various fabulous corners of the world!

Fabulous corners of the world in your wardrobe

The Spring/Summer 2024 Women Collection consists of 98 different styles referring to various, fabulous corners of the world and blooming, exotic flowers. They include 43 ethereal dresses, 20 fashionable jumpsuits, 17 tasteful blouses, 16 elegant trousers and 2 ephemeral sets consisting of a charming jumpsuit and a phenomenal cape. So, you have a large selection of outfits for every occasion. In line with the main idea of the POCA & POCA brand, all clothes combine fabulous fantasy with ineffable and modern elegance. Unconventional cuts and the best quality fabrics will make you feel perfect, comfortable and stylish, regardless of the situation and occasion, while inspirations from beautiful corners and lands of the world will take you to fabulous places, adding optimism and bringing out your glow. From now on, you can have all your favorite corners of the world in your wardrobe!

Sicilian sun or Transylvanian fog?

We often use our clothes to refer to a given situation, but we also often use them to express our mood and attitude towards the world. So, regardless of whether your personification today expresses delicate Parisian elegance, or a strong Spanish temperament, or the Sicilian sun in the morning, or perhaps Transylvanian fog and mystery, express it with the appropriate styling from our latest collection. With a huge variety of outfits, colors and textures, you're sure to find an outfit that perfectly suits your mood and suits the occasion. The Spring / Summer 2024 Women Collection is dominated by delicate, pastel colors, referring to the Sicilian sun - light pink, blue, salmon, cream, peach or beige. There is also no shortage of eye-catching colors - energetic orange, juicy green, strong pink, yellow, coral or gold. Fans of classics can choose from outfits in tourmaline black and alabaster white, bringing out the Transylvanian, misty mystery and enigma. Since one of the inspirations in the latest collection are blooming flowers, they could not be missing as an ephemeral addition in the form of print, embroidery or decorations. The styles are also dominated by the brand's characteristic horizontal and vertical, enthusiastic ruffles. Some of the styling does not shy away from bold and fancy accessories in the form of hairy threads, sensual lace or mysterious tulle and elegant gold chains.

Elegance and comfortable

Since our idea is to combine comfort with fabulous elegance, we leave you to choose from styles that fully honor femininity and ethereal delicacy. This is due to the selection of fancy, elegant and at the same time comfortable fabrics with eye-catching embossing and textures, as well as modern forms, designed with a touch of fantasy and extravagance. All this creates an astonishing, eye-catching effect in the form of original styling that you can enjoy, delighting and interesting the entire surroundings. We invite you to check out our latest collection and choose ethereal, unconventional, elegant and at the same time completely comfortable outfits that will best emphasize your character, mood and uniqueness.

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