A kingdom for comfortable ballerina shoes!

Women love shoes – there is not the slightest doubt about it. Each woman has at least several pairs, in different styles and for various occasions. However, it is not an art to have several dozen footwear pairs – the art is to have good, comfortable women's shoes in which you can boldly travel the world, from morning to evening. Women's ballerinas are undoubtedly among the most comfortable shoes. They have been invariably popular for years and they are worn eagerly by girls, teenagers and adult women regardless of current trends. Knowing this, POCA & POCA conjured Cinderella ballerinas – elegant women's ballerinas in which your feet feel like in seventh heaven!

Leather ballerina shoes with a smart bow

It's no secret that the quality of the shoe really matters. It is a mistake to wear high heels all day long, but completely flat women's shoes are also not advisable. It affects not only the feet, but also the entire skeletal and circulatory system. Shoes well matched to the shape and needs of the foot guarantee your well-being: in comfortable and pretty shoes we immediately feel better and we can move mountains! Looking for fashionable women's spring shoes, you can make a leap towards POCA & POCA women's shoes. POCA & POCA women's ballerinas are available in the most common sizes: 36, 37, 38, 39 and 40. They have a properly profiled sole and a low instep, which guarantee the feet proper position and cushioning. They have a bow at the back, which acts as a charming ornament, but also protects the ankle against abrasions. You do not have to worry about this, because POCA & POCA women's shoes are 100% leather ballerinas - they are lined with natural leather and covered with suede or natural leather outside. The materials used make these soft women's ballerinas provide maximum comfort even after many hours of walking.

Women’s closed toe ballerinas

POCA & POCA leather Cinderella ballerinas are a perfect match for pants, shorts, skirts and dresses. Their classic shape makes these lightweight closed toe ballerinas look excellent and very elegant on the feet. You can easily wear them to go for a walk, meet friends, but also for work or for a festive dinner. Their secret lies not only in their simplicity full of sophisticated style, but also in neutral colours.

Nude, black, honeyed, blue, yellow, grey ballerinas

It is worth remembering that the right choice of shoe colour will optically lengthen your legs and slim your figure - just learn a few brilliant tricks. Of course, ballerinas can be worn on bare feet, but if we are wearing tights, it's advisable that the ballerinas are the same colour. We wear black women's ballerinas with black tights, and grey ballerinas with grey ones. Light grey tights and light blue jeans will also look good with blue ballerinas, available in POCA & POCA in a very subtle shade, balancing between grey and blue. A fashion hit in recent years are also nude ballerinas, i.e. women's flesh-coloured shoes. You can wear them on bare feet or with light tights or pants. You should also have yellow (honeyed) ballerinas - they havea lot of positive energy, and also are a perfect match for blue, black, brown, orange or khaki jeans, drainpipes or skirts.

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