Petite Autumn / Winter 2023 Collection

The latest Autumn / Winter 2023 children's collection proves that the declining seasons do not have to be boring and gloomy. You can give them children's joy and lightness thanks to unique and charming clothes, making each new day a colorful and unique adventure for your child. The symbol of the latest collection has become colorful, joyful, fleeting balloons that perfectly reflect the character of all children's stylizations. As always, the POCA & POCA brand, caring for the highest quality of materials and with an ingenious passion for details, presents a range of styles perfect for every child’s occasion - a charming birthday, a lazy day at home, a family trip or a busy school day. We want every young lady to feel unique and stylish in our clothes, regardless of the occasion, building her self-confidence and unique fashion charisma from an early age.

What will captivate us with the latest collection ?

The Petite Autumn / Winter 2023 collection consists of 35 fabulous and unique styles, designed for girls aged 6-14. Among them you will find sophisticated blouses, wide skirts, practical shorts, elegant dresses and fairy sets consisting of a blouse and a skirt or a blouse and shorts. The POCA & POCA designers, inspired by subdued autumn and dignified winter, focused on the dominant colors of the collection, which are lilac, violet and snow white. For the youngest lovers of the classics, stylizations in the color of timeless, elegant black have also been created. Ethereal, delicate girlishness is indispensably associated with pink, which is why the latest collection also includes clothes in this shade. We will also find creations in shades of noble, shiny silver, fashionable gray or subtle cream and beige. The collection is colorful but tastefully subdued. All this to perfectly match the aesthetics and passions of every youngest fashion lover.

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of balloons

Balloons are lightness, airiness, magic that makes children happy. No wonder that they have become a symbol of ethereal and delicate, colorful clothes of the latest children's collection. We believe that just like them, our stylizations will bring smiles and delight on children's faces. The stylizations from the Petite Autumn / Winter 2023 collection are characterized by the balloon lightness of forms, obtained primarily due to the unique, hazy fabrics of the highest quality and decorative elements in the form of butterfly frills, pleats, puffs, fringes and feathers. Airiness is also enhanced by asymmetric and voluminous forms, present mainly on skirts and sleeves. We focus on originality thanks to sophisticated, extraordinary fabrics. The latest collection is full of both, perfect for the youngest admirers of minimalism, smooth as satin materials, as well as expressive, fabulously embossed and textured fabrics, which, combined with modern cuts, ensure the originality and uniqueness of the styling of each young Balloon Princess.

Which balloon style do you choose ?

Maybe you’ll choose a distinguished white dress? Or a subtle pink blouse? Or maybe an enigmatic black set? Regardless of the decision you make, we guarantee that in each of our styling you will feel girly, airy and unique. Build a sense of fashion aesthetics and independence from an early age with the POCA & POCA brand. We believe that our stylizations will proudly accompany you throughout the year on every special and everyday occasion, and the highest quality materials will make you treat them like your second, imperceptible skin. We put the greatest efforts to ensure that our clothes, apart from aesthetic values, are also as comfortable and convenient as possible, not restricting movement and not pinching. So, you can now boldly and with childish excitement enter the balloon world of magic and witchcraft - the Petite Fall / Winter 2023 collection. Choose, charm and conquer the world thanks to your unique appearance and ephemeral character.

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