Graceful collections inspired by nature

Fresh ideas turned into a fairy-tale style, as unique and special as you. Explore our world of stylistic ideas, full of grace, charming elegance and subtle femininity or choose your own direction with striking colours, charismatic lines, majestic decorations and exceptional designs. These blouses truly stand out and yet harmoniously combine with skirts and pants of your choice, allowing you to create outfits like no other. These youthful, sometimes even whimsical pieces, designed with passion and great attention to detail, were handcrafted by one of the best master tailors. Inspired by timeless beauty of nature we address the needs of modern women, offering you unique, inimitable stylistic ideas you can turn into your exceptional, fashionable image. POCA & POCA blouses with high collar are just the beginning of your journey in a magical, fairy-tale world of designs for every day and every occasion. Make it worthwhile!

Outstanding designs to refresh your wardrobe

Choose your version of uniqueness with our toned down or bold suggestions and combine them with the most suitable accessories. You can start with a blouse with high collar, perfect for sophisticated outings while offering interesting possibilities for casual meetings and everyday outfits. Ruffles are one of POCA & POCA’s trademark elements, adding a breeze of freshness and boldness to the designs. Blouses with high collar and volatile ruffles is for you if you enjoy glamour and creative combinations of exceptional lines. Along with more subtle, elegantly simpler projects, you will find blouses with vivid print and unique decorative accessories: fur, marigold buttons, gold bubbles, floral details and more stunning ideas. Combined with vivid colours, including sunny yellow, bold pink, mango splash and freshly green, your wardrobe receives another dimension. Now you can discover even more majestic combinations, set contrasting colours and experiment with your image. Such refreshing diversity hides treasures for every special occasion, but includes as well a lot of designs to be worn every day.

Harmonious outfits or contrasting combinations

Your black blouse with high collar and bat sleeves is perfect for the most exquisite late-night gala, especially with quite simple, darker long skirt. It gently but firmly catches the eye while harmoniously flowing down, slimming feminine silhouette and underlining graceful elegance of the whole outfit. More casual elegance can be achieved with fresh-coloured (green and yellow) designs. While enchanting the eye, their modesty makes them an interesting choice for work. They allow you to avoid boredom in your wardrobe even during every day formal meetings. On the other side of the spectre is the furry layered piece, which immediately draws the crowd’s attention on the street and in a café. Whimsical, playful and quite bold set of colours, lines and patterns of these blouses contrasts with seriousness of other outfits and lets you show more energetic side of your nature.

Exceptional quality for sophisticated women

Each design you will find here is unique, handcrafted and ready to be worn and treasured by an exceptional woman – such as you! Celebrate the possibilities POCA & POCA blouses give you and embrace your distinctive style and image. Be it a simpler, elegant form, charmingly accentuating your femininity or much more majestic, striking lines and colours in hand with your confident self. Immerse yourself in timeless designs and limitless stylistic possibilities for all types of venues, events and occasions. Let POCA & POCA blouses with high collar refresh your wardrobe!

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