Ramadan 2023 collection

Ramadan is an extraordinary moment when we focus more than usual on developing our spirituality and contemplating life. We calm down and slow down before the rushing, loud and resonant world. It is worth showing your inner peace and humility also through the right choice of clothing. The latest POCA & POCA Ramadan 2023 collection will allow you to go through this incredible time, full of metaphysics and abstinence, with dignity and class. Our collection is distinguished by its harmonious, subdued elegance, emphasized by the brand's characteristic flounces and loose forms. You do not have to give up emphasizing your femininity and delicacy, on the contrary, it is enough to emphasize it modestly and with ethereal charm!

Harmonious and tasteful silence

We have prepared 28 spectacular looks for you, which consist of a total of 40 suggestions for delicate and subtle stylizations, created especially for the extraordinary, spiritual moment of Ramadan. Check which one will appeal to you the most and reflect your reflective mood - perhaps it will be a refined midi dress, or perhaps a graceful, comfortable jumpsuit or a tasteful set consisting of a blouse and shorts? With us you will complete a wardrobe for absolutely every occasion, and the uniqueness of the creation will always put you in the foreground. Regardless of whether you spend the day in solitary reflection or prepare for an exquisite dinner with your loved ones, you will always feel confident, unique and feminine. This is the main goal of the latest collection, which has been achieved thanks to ephemeral frills, puffy, decorative sleeves and unusual asymmetry. Based on timeless cuts, the brand has created modern and classy designs, thanks to which the celebration will take place in an even greater aura of uniqueness and sophistication.

Inspired by starlight…

What is particularly noteworthy in the latest POCA & POCA collection are metallic, shiny materials of the highest quality, inspired by the constellations of stars in the night sky. Delighting with their beauty and gracefully decorating the enigmatic firmament, they are an announcement of nice, family, festive moments during which we rejoice and eat meals. In addition to smooth materials, the Ramadan 2023 collection also includes sophisticated structures, textures, draping and ruffles. There are also hazy fabrics with transparent elements. POCA & POCA encourages you to experiment with a fashionable, modern look thanks to innovative, imaginative elements, such as dreamy puff sleeves or volumetric, multi-layered frills present on the sleeves or decorating skirts. All this is to emphasize the unique, festive mood, thus bringing out the delicacy and ethereal lyricism of every woman.

The colors of the night at your fingertips

The festive nature of the collection is also emphasized by the harmonious colors of the materials, such as sapphire blue, silver, gold, amethyst pink or onyx black. Associated with shimmering precious stones, they add unspeakable elegance and subtle, unobtrusive sophistication to the styling. The latest collection also includes delicate, pastel colors such as mint, powder pink or shades of peach. For lovers of colorful outfits, we have also prepared multicolored, clever cuts, characterized by a multitude of noble, shimmering colors. What complements the great quality materials and creative forms are accessories in the form of buttons, belts, sashes, sachets or cutouts on the neckline and skirts or legs. Perfectly refined details enhance the uniqueness and ephemerality of our clothes, and you will feel in them like the most beautiful, delicate and mysterious woman, whose uniqueness and subtlety delight absolutely everyone.

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