POCA & POCA gift vouchers

Why is a gift card such a good idea? There are many reasons, and we give you one more: elegant POCA & POCA gift cards made with women on mind. The recipient will receive an aesthetic gift card (in electronic form, to her email address) with nice graphics and thoughtful content, referring to hidden, feminine desires, which she will be able to fulfil in our boutique with designer clothes and shoes.


Too much, or maybe not enough? If you are not sure what value of the POCA & POCA voucher will be right — meaning one that will not offend the recipient with too small amount thus making satisfactory shopping impossible, or one that will not be too high, which could make her embarrassed — we have some good news! POCA & POCA gift cards are available with 4 convenient values: AED 500, 1.000 AED, 2.000 AED and 5.000 AED. What can she buy for that? With these gift vouchers the birthday girl will be able to choose a beautiful blouse, bolero, dress, skirt, pants, shorts, jumpsuit or shoes. If she likes something that is more expensive than the value of the card, she will of course be able to pay the difference. What is more, with the gift voucher delivery is free!

A perfect gift for every occasion!

So, if you are asking yourself a question like Hamlet: to buy a gift card or not to buy? There is only one answer to this question: yes! A bad gift ends up with a polite, but forced smile. While buying a wrong book or earrings is a lesser sin, in the case of clothes or shoes that the recipient doesn’t like, that don't fit her figure, or are too small or too big, unwillingly committed faux pas may blemish the wonderful atmosphere of the day. Of course, no tactful person will tell you this, but if you have shopping dilemmas, do not buy sight unseen! POCA & POCA gift card gives you certainty that the recipient will get exactly what she wants most!

Time and good decisions

Looking for a perfect gift for an important person can take a lot of time. The longer you look for, the more confused you are. Will she like this? Or maybe I should choose something else? Does she already have a blouse like this? She mentioned she would like to get a flared skirt, sophisticated dress or banana-shaped pants — but will the ones I am looking at also catch her eye?


POCA & POCA gift card is a perfect way to avoid shopping dilemmas and spend the extra time you get thanks to it on other pleasures. In our opinion, a gift card is always a better choice than giving cash to someone (unless this is what the birthday person asked for). The gift voucher cannot be exchanged for cash - when you buy it, you can be sure that it will be redeemed in our shop. When you meet a person close to you soon, you will certainly see the beautiful item she found at POCA & POCA for herself!

An original gift card with WOW effect!

Another pair of gloves, tenth elegant dress? Ups... Sometimes it happens that guests buy the same presents. POCA & POCA gift card ensures that the birthday person will choose exactly what she needs in her wardrobe in our shop. And don't worry, a gift voucher to a fashion boutique doesn't mean you are taking the easy way out - on the contrary, women love shopping, and a gift card will allow them to freely play with fashion, choose and dress up to create a perfect look! 

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