Girls dresses from flower garden

Has it ever crossed your mind to ... wear a flower calix? To cover with its delicacy and grace.To feel like a princess of blossoming gardens, where a mild wind carries an astonishing smell and the morning sun discretely touches dewy leaves and petals? To make those dreams come true, we immersed in flowery carpets to find fashion inspirations for the extraordinary collection of girls dresses by POCA & POCA. We found the beauty of simplicity in nature - a sensual combination of style and class with subtleness and girl’s charm. This became the collection’s main theme, which floral threads are woven into the dresses, which every young lady will fall in love with.

Dress garden of a queen

There is no room for exaggeration in nature, but there is room for an unspeakable charm - and that is what the elegant POCA & POCA girls dresses are like. From the rose corner we took the idea for pink dresses, covered with delicate crimson, both pastel and in vivid shades. Calendula parterres inspired us to make orange dresses that are full of joyful energy. POCA & POCA girls’ dresses blossomed especially with the classic whiteness of magnolia and lily of the valley, as well as jasmine with golden highlights. The flowery paths led us to a place full of nature’s secrets. This is where crambes and hydrangeas whispered to our ears the idea to create airy blue dresses and black peonies encouraged us to design sophisticated black dresses.

Pearls of dew and flounces of petals

Flower-shaped dresses at POCA & POCA delight with their modest wealth of ornaments. This is a paradox which we observed in the nature and transferred straight to our design studio. Flowers, though decorated with petals, charm with modest aesthetics. We weaved the idea for stylish girls dresses out of this concept. Some tempt with the lightness of transparent sleeves and skirts. Some delight with cascades of flounces, which lie on the body like the most delicate flowery veil. Others attract with sweet bows and pearl buttons, which imitate morning dew. Girls’ dresses with flounces by POCA & POCA stand for classic cut, which simplicity is broken by original details. Individual models are dresses with tulle flounces, dresses with pleats or dresses with creases. The ethereal layers flow down gently, giving the girl the airiness of an elf and at the same time the dignity of the queen of gardens. For lovers of minimalism we have in turn elegant smooth girls dresses, without decorations, the chic of which is emphasized by tasteful, textured fabrics.

Royal comfort

We know perfectly well that even small princesses sometimes like to be carefree. That is why we sewed dresses for girls, which provide full freedom of movement and comfort in any situation. We designed girls waist-fitted dresses with a basque. The graceful fitted waist is highlighted also by creases and stripes of material, which flow down the fabric, or flounces. We also have several propositions for young ladies who prefer A-shaped dresses. Every elegant girls’ dress is made of the highest quality fabrics, friendly to the skin and ensuring proper air circulation. The collection includes girls long dresses, reaching the ankles, as well as short, knee-length dresses, while in terms of sleeves the collection includes long, short and sleeveless dresses - all suitable for an exquisite party, family dinner, an important celebration, but also on a daily basis.