Elegant blouses for girls

At POCA & POCA we know that a tasteful blouse can completely change an outfit. While designing fashionable blouses for girls, we reached for what is the most beautiful in its simplicity, but we break classic cuts with stylish fabrics and accessories, which originate in the very heart of mother Earth. Having the youngest fashion lovers in mind, we headed to fairytale gardens to listen to the eternal rhythm of nature. We met dragonflies, butterflies and birds rotating in a cloud-capped dance and freely dabbing surfaces of the surrounding waters and the flowery meadows. We immersed with all our senses in this magical world and that is how the elegant POCA & POCA girls’ blouses were created, inspired by the charm of nature. We took lightness, charm, colours, textures and original details from it, which — combined with timeless cuts — create outfits full of royal glamour!

Blouses with ornaments, which girls love

At POCA & POCA we created elegant girls blouses which will appeal to the lovers of fashion minimalism and those, who prefer outfits straight from a princess wardrobe. Blouses for girls with short and long sleeves, decorated with a myriad of flounces on the sleeves or at the front, originate in our enchantment with colourful butterflies.Delicacy lovers will enjoy pearl buttons, which add freshness to the blouses just like drops of dew on flower petals. During our expedition to magical gardens we observed dragonflies, the airiness of which was reflected in cascade, transparent and made of ethereal mesh sleeves. On the other hand, the concept of girls’ blouses with puffed sleeves derives from our delight in the smell of cyclamens.In POCA & POCA collection you can find both girls’ blouses with flounces, ruffles and ornaments, which bring leaves or wings to the mind, and plane blouses without ornaments, which style is highlighted only by subtly textured fabric in a trendy shade.

The colours of children’s joy and chic

Blouses collection by POCA & POCA invites you under starry, sapphire sky but also blossoms with the colours of juicy wild strawberries, dignified roses and gentle irises. This unique palette of colours was designed so that the girls’ sophisticated white, cream, pink, yellow, blue and black blouses can create a phenomenal outfit with any pants, jumpsuit or skirt. They will look great with drainpipes, jeans, simple jumpsuit or classic, flared skirt. Children’s blouses by POCA & POCA are best with modest bottom, which will create a fantastic background for more adorned top. Decorative blouses for girls are eye-catching with fabrics where shine, matt, quilting, embroidery and decorative texture blend harmoniously. High-end, luxurious fabrics provide comfort in every situation - they are nice to the touch, airy and soft for the skin.

Girl’s daily bon ton

At POCA & POCA we want to make every day even more beautiful. We make blouses for girls, which will undoubtedly work for an elegant party or family dinner. However, we encourage you not to hang exceptional outfits in the wardrobe and not to put them on only once in a while. Deriving from the secrets of nature, we design girls’ blouses for school, for a sweet party with girlfriends, and even shopping or for a walk. Thanks to this, small fashion-lovers can create an original style, look unique and feel exceptional also on a daily basis from an early age.