Bonjour, Claris!

Have you already met Claris? You probably have, which means that you know that she is, undeniably, unequivocally, unquestionably, the chicest mouse in Paris! Claris is absolutely fascinated by fashion and she puts a lot of thought and creativity into her unique designs. But Paris is not the only city she looks for inspiration. Claris loves travelling to different places to get some new ideas for her outfits. And what is more, she has shared these ideas with our master tailors who managed to recreate her designs. Now, you can also join Claris on her adventures! Not only by wearing the clothes that she has designed, but also by diving into books that describe her adventures or adopting one of the adorable plush toys that look just like her. Have a look at out section with toys and make friends with Claris!

Reading is fun with Claris

As you may already know, some of our clothing lines for girls have been inspired by Megan Hess books about a mouse called Claris. Megan has written and illustrated a series of books about Claris – a mouse who is a great fashion enthusiast. Then our tailors meticulously recreated the outfits from the book so that every little girl can feel as chic as Claris. We encourage you to join our LITTLE mouse on her BIG adventures by immersing yourself in these books. Reading with Claris is fun – the stories are rhyming and have fascinating plots accompanied by Megan Hess fine colourful drawings. These magical stories are a great idea for spending some family quality time – you can read the books and admire the pictures inside with your sister, your mum and even the whole family. Reading them aloud will make them even more inspirational and dreamy. Do not hesitate, join Claris on her adventures in the most amazing places around the globe!

Girly gifts for girls

POCA & POCA Toys section includes a great selection of gifts for girly girls. Whether they already know Claris or not, our books and plush toys will certainly make them Claris-dazzled in no time. Young ladies who like adventure stories about courage, compassion and big dreams are bound to fall in love with Claris – Megan Hess books are so good that you cannot put them down! And the drawings inside make them look wonderfully luxurious. For girls who would like to take Claris everywhere with them, we have adorable plush toys dressed in cute elegant outfits. It is amazing that our little mouse looks just like Claris in the book! The toys come in a special Claris the Mouse gift box decorated with ribbon. What a wonderful gift!

Every toy is full of joy!

We wanted to make our Toys section absolutely special. And there is nothing more special than a really good book – the one that you will keep coming back to, reading, browsing, looking at its pictures, imagining the story again and again. “Claris – the chicest mouse in Paris” series is addressed to fashion lovers and enthusiasts of all ages. That is why these books are appreciated not only by younger readers, but also by adults who love dreams, adventures, fashion and captivating stories. The illustrations go very well together with the plot, as they have been drawn by the author herself. Claris and her adventures bring a lot of joy – to all the young girls and their families. Have you already made friends with Claris and wish that you could take her around on YOUR adventures this time? Now it is possible, thanks to our luxurious plush toys dressed in wonderful dresses and gold shoes. Claris can accompany you wherever you go!