Spring / Summer 2024 Mini Collection

When the calm, majestic winter gives way to a joyful and lively spring, and more and more sunlight penetrates the chambers of the Crystal Palace of Imagination, the youngest POCA & POCA Princesses wake up from the winter mood, full of peace and silence. The time of madness, laughter and activity is coming, echoed by the world coming to life. Full of spirit and energy, Spring Fairies go to the colorful castle courtyard to fully enjoy the coming alive nature, blooming royal flowers and exotic life forms. To make exploring the castle gardens even more colorful, we have prepared the Spring/Summer 2024 Mini collection, full of royal, graceful and fantasy forms, referring to spring plants and majestic gemstones. Every Fairytale Lady will find something for herself there. The collection abounds in a variety of forms, textures and colors, because a joyful symphony of colors is synonymous with a joyful, carefree childhood.

Step into the castle courtyard

The Spring / Summer 2024 Mini collection consists of 24 unique and fairy-tale styles aimed at girls aged 1-6. This is the time when most of them dream of being a princess, which is why the latest collection is based on flashy, aristocratic forms that will make every POCA & POCA girl feel like a Mystical Princess, regardless of the situation. With the royal character in mind, our designers have prepared as many as 22 proposals of exquisite and delicious dresses that will surely steal the heart of many a Crystal Fairy who loves luxurious and noble cuts. They include fanciful, pastel outfits with richly decorated sleeves, full of joy and optimism, colorful prints, as well as timeless patterns with checks, stripes and dots. An extrovert novelty that appears in this collection is an independent set of a fairy-tale blouse and skirt with ephemeral, feathery inserts. The dominant and distinguishing element of each styling is the ethereal airiness, achieved using the brand's characteristic, ubiquitous, light vertical or horizontal ruffle, decorating the skirt, neckline or sleeves.

Spring, pastel magic

Spring and summer are a time of explosion of colors, which is perfectly reflected in our latest children's collection. Stylizations in fashionable, subtle, pastel colors dominate - dusty pink, smoky pink, coral pink, pastel peach, delicate lilac or muted yellow. There is also no shortage of outfits in the colors of dignified beige, sophisticated cream or the classic combination of black and white. We have also prepared several proposals for multi-colored styles referring to a spring rainbow or a flowery meadow. The basis for creating these aristocratic spring visions are unique fabrics with unique textures and patterns, which, combined with unique cuts, create the effect of fairy-tale styles, full of airiness and delicacy. Each style has an elegant, gold plate with our POCA & POCA logo.

Grace and comfort in one

Winter sleep gives way to spring, invigorating energy. And it is with children's carefree activity in mind that we create styles that are a combination of elegance and complete comfort. Regardless of the situation in which the Spring Princess finds herself - whether it is a ceremony requiring concentration and dignity, or crazy fun with her peers, she should feel comfortable and special, without any restrictive movements or annoying elements. This is our primary goal, which is why our styles provide full comfort during even the craziest activities. We create cuts that ensure breathability and comfort, so that every little Princess feels majestic, sumptuous and, above all, comfortable and good, as if in her second skin, which does not make itself felt, and also brings out her uniqueness and elegance.

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