Ramadan 2024 Mini Collection

Ramadan is a special and unique holiday, awaited by both children and adults. Even though our youngest children are just beginning to understand the essence and purpose of this blessed holiday, we should do everything to make them associate Ramadan as a special, festive and joyful time from an early age. A time when we decorate not only our apartments, but also ourselves. Especially for this occasion, we have created the Ramadan 2024 Mini Collection, full of pastel styles with a subtle glow, perfectly matching the positive, festive vibrations of Ramadan. The Ramadan 2024 Mini Collection combines uniqueness and lightness, perfectly reflecting children's tenderness and joy, thus placing great emphasis on the unique elegance associated with the unique nature of Ramadan. Creations from the latest Ramadan 2024 Mini Collection will help the youngest POCA & POCA Princesses feel the festive and spiritual time of Ramadan even better.

Festive styles inspired by the lightness of a fairy-tale butterfly

The latest Ramadan 2024 Mini Collection draws inspiration from the lightness, airiness and grace of the spring butterfly. The styles are aimed at the youngest fans of the POCA & POCA brand aged 1-6. We leave the youngest Butterfly Princesses to choose from 21 unique and fabulous, festive styles, perfectly reflecting the character and seriousness of Ramadan. They include 17 elegant, graceful dresses in shades of delicate cream, noble white, expressive lilac and girlish, positive pink. The dresses are made of the highest quality, airy and pleasant to the touch materials with fabulous textures and embossing. In the latest Ramadan 2024 Mini Collection, every Youngest Lady will find the perfect dress for herself - smooth, single-color, as well as multi-colored or with a floral pattern. But in the latest collection, festive styling inspired by the lightness of a fairy-tale butterfly is not only about dresses! The youngest princesses will also find other festive styles - ethereal skirts and tasteful blouses in shades of pink and white, which can be combined with each other or with other styles.

Attention to detail in each fairy-tale outfit

What distinguishes the POCA & POCA brand is the extraordinary precision and attention to detail of our designers. Based on classic cuts, each fairy-tale outfit is enriched with unique accessories in the form of ruffles, inserts, capes, bows and elegant buttons and belts. Our latest Ramadan 2024 Mini Collection is the best example of this. Dresses, blouses and skirts for the youngest Butterfly Princesses are enriched with expressive sleeves made of light, ruffled ruffles and tulle, which adds both girlish delicacy and perfectly emphasizes the optimistic, dignified and elegant festive time of Ramadan. Asymmetric forms and fashionable and eye-catching 3D feathery elements also add subtlety. The attention to detail is visible in every refined gather at the waist and on the ruffle. Thanks to this, styles with such original accessories take on a fairytale and unique character.

Celebrate Ramadan with the latest Mini Collection by POCA & POCA

The special time of Ramadan requires a unique approach not only from adults but also from the youngest. Appropriate styling helps not only reflect the character of a festive moment, but also allows you to more fully perceive and understand the seriousness of the situation. By wearing styles from the latest Mini Collection, each POCA & POCA brand's youngest fan will feel special, festive and tasteful, fully ready to joyfully celebrate this special, blessed time of the year. This year, celebrate Ramadan with the POCA & POCA brand, discovering your passion for aesthetic, original and fabulously elegant forms.

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