POCA & POCA size guide

Our sizes

Our size guide is based on the measurements used in our design studio. The sizes are structured according to the general European sizing system. In the general size chart you may also find a size card showing the main sizes of our clothes. You can find our complete size list further down. Kindly please, note that our sizing system is to be used as a guide to finding your correct size from the collections. Apart from the size on the label, please also take note of silhouette and fit of each garment. Sometimes you may for example be in-between two sizes and depending on the fit, should move up or down a size.

OS sizing

OS stands for One Size. POCA & POCA it has very few clothes of this type and these are the most common cape - more relaxed fitting creations that are the most flexible in terms of size and that can be worn a variety of ways.

XS-XXL sizing

Our XS-XXL convention is used for our feminine, refined styles that have a graceful, highlighting natural loveliness fit and the beauty of the figure – although, this sizing is still fairly flexible. Many of our blouses, pants or dress use this sizing self-aware Ladies may wear two different sizes comfortably and chic. It is worth remembering that our clothes are most often fitted at the waist, emphasizing the slenderness of the female figure. Order true to size for the fit closest to the one pictured to achieve your desired, dreamy look. To use our size chart, you will need to obtain your body measurements. Next locate your measurements on our chart. All dimensions are expressed in centimeters. Then move to the left to see which sizes are recommended for you.

How to measure

Each woman has exceptional, one and only body. Its spheres are different on everybody and we perfectly understand it. Therefore, if you need some advices, contact with us. Together with our experienced designers, we will try to find your perfect size. In order to find your correct size, please try this method of measuring.

CHEST: Measure your chest over the fullest part of your bust wearing a good bra (if you normally wear one). Measure around the fullest part keeping the tape measure straight across the back and under the arms.

WAIST: Measure your waist at the narrowest point Measure the narrowest point of your waistline, keeping the tame measure close, but not too tight. For finding your natural waist line you may to check your dimensions approximately 5 centimeters above your belly button.

HIPS: Measure your hip over the widest point of your hip. Standing heels together measure around the fullest part approx 20 centimeters below your waistline.

LEGS: Standing upright measure from the top of your inside leg to the length you would like the pants or skirt. Dear high heels’ lovers you should to take a heel length into account within measuring.

Sizes for the women's Autumn / Winter 2023 collection and newer collections:

Size chart Woman

Sizes for the women's Spring / Summer 2023 collection and older collections:

Sizes for all children's collections:

Size chart Girl

Need some help ?

We are here just for you and will do all our best for your serene smile. Just send us e-mail with any questions you have about sizing and perfect fit. For the quickest reply, feel free to go ahead and include your body measurements in the message so we will willingly provide you the most accurate advice!