Amazing accessories for your outstanding outfits

Choosing the appropriate clothes for every occasion is extremely important. However, the real art lies in picking the right accessories that will bring out the beauty and elegance of your garments. Accessories are like exquisite spices that turn a good snack into a delectable, heavenly meal. A classy pair of shoes, a stylish bag, an eccentric belt or a cute scarf will definitely make your outfit complete and simply one of a kind. If you already have your perfect ensembles for this season, now is the time to dress them up with some POCA & POCA accessories. Our collection features a variety of belts, bags and shoes in neutral colours, such as black or beige, which makes them go very well with virtually any outfit. Because just like a fish needs the sea, like coffee needs a cup, like fire needs oxygen, your clothes need some fine accessories to go with.

Bags in all shapes and sizes

Imagine for a minute your life without a single handbag. It is pretty difficult, isn’t it? Bags, in all sizes, colours, fabrics and shapes, are not only an excellent addition to our outfit, but they are also highly functional – a good handbag always comes in handy. Our POCA & POCA designers have not forgotten to include a selection of bags in our line of accessories. For events such as cocktail parties, ceremonies and formal dinners, we suggest small bags with a chain belt that can be worn around your waist, which makes them even more practical. If you are in your business woman mode, for example going to meetings, presentations and reunions, an elegant computer bag from our collection will be a perfect choice for you. Going to the theatre, cinema or visiting a friend, you might want to have a look at one of our stylish pouches. As you can see, we have a bag for every woman and for every possible occasion.

Stylish silk scarves

Would you like to lighten up your outfit a little bit? Would you like to make a good costume look even better? Would you like to wear something that will make you feel absolutely special? There is one classy element that can do all of it for you – it is a feminine and chic silk scarf. Audrey Hepburn once said: When I wear a silk scarf I never feel so definitely a woman, a beautiful woman. POCA & POCA designers really took these words to heart. Our silk scarves are not like any other – because they come from POCA & POCA collection and therefore, they have a unique POCA & POCA style. Their vibrant colours and eccentric designs will definitely not go unnoticed. And what is more, you will love how they feel on your skin. After all, a famous quote says: Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hands.

Beautiful belts and special shoes

If you have already got the right handbag and the perfect scarf, it might also be a good idea to pick a belt. It will make your whole ensemble look elegant and neat. By adding one of our exclusive POCA & POCA belts to your outfit, you will emphasize your strength, good taste and subtlety. Our collection features stunning belts made of natural leather with some eye-catching elements, such as gold rings and delightful basques. You will never want to go without your special belt again. And last but not least, we should not forget about one of the most crucial elements of our outfits – a pair of good, comfortably and fashionable shoes. Good shoes take us to places and new shoes are always a good idea, so why not add a pair of POCA & POCA leather shoes to your feminine POCA & POCA garments?

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