Elegant women’s skirts

In well-fitting clothes, every woman thrives with her natural grace and confidence.With this in mind, POCA & POCA flourished with a collection of elegant women's midi and maxi skirts that are a must-have in a fashionable woman's wardrobe. POCA & POCA skirts, inspired by the everlasting beauty of nature, will turn the simplest outfit into clothes worthy of royal palaces and will fulfil the dreams of a stunning look every day, at work and on special occasions.

Women’s skirts for special occasions

In the POCA & POCA collection you can find women's shimmering skirts, finished at the bottom with cascades of mesh, which give the outfit the delicacy of a water nymph. Fairytale skirts with a longer back and princess skirts - wide skirts reaching to the ground, with a longer back and a tulle finish at the bottom – will be perfect for official occasions. Maxi skirts, both the cascading skirts and long, simple skirts, will be a charming choice for an elegant party or wedding. The collection will cater for the tastes of supporters of minimalism, who prefer elegant skirts without decorations, as well as those who fancy ornamental skirts. In addition to skirts with sequins, we offer skirts with buttons, flaps, skirts stroking the finesse of feathers, foams and fabrics with golden flecks, skirts with lace, feathery 3D lambskin, which is arranged in the shape of charming roses, and skirts with flounces, discreet waves of voile, ruffles, stitching or subtle pleats.

Classy midi and maxi skirts

POCA & POCA women's skirts harmoniously combine classic cuts with sophisticated fabrics and beautiful details and colours. Their tasteful embossed materials, with prints on the voile, patchwork and ethereal satins, tulles and transparent fabrics will attract your attention. Trendy colours of skirts: white, black, cream, beige, navy blue, mustard, green, grey, pink, cobalt, red, yellow, apricot, brown, grey, blue and silver, combined with high heels and an elegant blouse will create a stunning stylish outfit.

Skirt cut matching woman’s figure

Many women wonder how to choose the right cut of the skirt for their figure. A-line flared women's skirts are recommended for the pear figure. Loosely flowing down, they conceal wider hips perfectly. Pears can also wear women's skirts with pleats and asymmetrical skirts, thanks to which their figure will seem lighter. Women with the apple figure will appreciate flared wide circle skirts and women's asymmetrical skirts, which emphasise beautiful slim legs and optically slim the waistline. Hourglasses, on the other hand, can opt for both flared skirts as well as pencil skirts – both simple, smooth and those decorated with ruffles. Women with hourglass figure will also look good in pleated skirts, siren and fish skirts (skirts tight at the hips and widening towards the bottom) and some cascading skirts. Women with large breasts should choose skirts widening towards the bottom, which balance the proportions of the body. Elegant pencil skirts will fit women with boyish figure the best. Petite women can also opt for maxi tulip skirts, maxi layered skirts, decorated with several rows of airy, asymmetrical flounces, skirts with ruffles, skirts with a basque and women's bubble skirts. The boyish figure is the only one that should avoid flared skirts – all the others will look good in this cut. Every figure can definitely wear elegant high-waisted women's skirts, which perfectly highlight the waist – both of women with boyish figure, as well as of those who want to make the area around the hips and waist look slimmer.

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