Stylish women’s jumpsuits

Elegant women’s jumpsuits are a must have in the wardrobe of every woman. They let you dress fashionable and classy, yet comfortably at the same time. It is worth having at least one of them at hand. Jumpsuits from the POCA & POCA collection are perfect for work and for special occasions and celebrations. Inspired by heavenly butterflies and flowers, they will always help you create an original, stylish look. Elegant POCA & POCA jumpsuits are a tribute to comfort and a noble charm. These one-piece women's costumes have a classic cut friendly to a feminine figure and unique accessories that can change the simplest outfit into the most tasteful creation.

Jumpsuit dress and more

The idea of jumpsuits appeared because every woman at least once in her life faced a difficult choice between comfort and elegance. These two things can be combined with a surprising effect! POCA & POCA collection proves this with women’s wide leg jumpsuits, which look like a beautiful skirt. Their fabric flowing from the waist is arranged around the legs in light, slender pleats, and the shape of a tulip or jasmine and subtle ruffling add grace to the female figure. Jumpsuit dress with long sleeves and wide legs will be perfect for a date, elegant dinner or a banquet. Decorated with a frill on the chest and sleeves or a long cape made of ethereal mesh, embroidered with floral patterns, they seduce with subtlety. A jumpsuit with fitted waist and long legs is a simple way to effectively emphasize the waistline and highlight the nice proportions of the figure. For work or for a less official meeting, simply choose a jumpsuit with long, straight legs. The classic cut is a perfect match for a jacket and high heels. You can also choose a fashionable jumpsuit with boho style bell-bottoms with a charming basque, exposed arms and romantic puffy sleeves. A women’s jumpsuit with shorts and straps or short sleeves, which delights with its waves of delicate tulle, will be perfect for an elegant garden party.

The secret lies in the details

In order to fulfil the desires of women who want to look stunning even on ordinary days, POCA & POCA offers women's jumpsuits with ornaments different from all others. In the collection that draws straight from the charm of nature, you can find jumpsuits with openwork cloaks and jumpsuits with wings, whose shiny cascades bring to mind the wings of dignified, graceful butterflies. Women’s jumpsuits with a frill and jumpsuits with puffed sleeves and widened legs are a fresh allusion to petals of blooming flowers. Closer encounter with the nature has enabled POCA & POCA to conjure up women's jumpsuits with fur, flaps on the pockets, decorative fabrics and 3D details, as well as jumpsuits with pearls, sequins and decorative buttons that symbolise the drops of crystal clear dew in the morning.

Naturally beautiful and fashionable

In the POCA & POCA jumpsuit collection, references to the harmonious world of greenery, flowers, dragonflies and butterflies are evident not only in cuts and accessories, but also in fabrics. Jumpsuits made from fabrics falling in soft folds, pleated silks and fabrics embossed in subtle patterns, decorated with transparent mesh and veil, will wrap you up in delicacy. Their elegant colours: bottled and grassy green, white, cream, coral, navy blue, black, blue, beige powder pink, grey, and salmon correspond with the beauty of each woman and allow you to easily create a stylish, original outfit.

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