POCA & POCA Children Panties

Children's underwear is, contrary to appearances, an extremely important element of the outfit, because it is the layer of clothing closest to the delicate and sensitive areas of the body. Therefore, you should ensure that the panties are made of airy, preferably cotton fabric, and that they have a comfortable, non-tight and non-binding cut. Based on these most important and basic criteria of children's underwear, the POCA & POCA brand has created unique designs of children panties that will both provide incredible comfort and a sense of originality and fabulousness of your Muslin Princess. Our panties are designed for girls from 12 months of age and up, they will work well as a layer covering the diaper as well as for the later period of diapering. We make sure that girls' panties are the perfect complement to the whole unique children's styling, creating a harmonious and tasteful effect.

Frill madness

Children's underwear does not have to be boring and prosaic. Based on standard, comfortable and perfect cuts for the Youngest Ladies, the POCA & POCA brand adds a note of ethereal uniqueness and fairy delicacy to its designs, which will steal the hearts of many Rose Princesses. Classic forms have been enriched primarily with subtle, butterfly ruffles that perfectly cover and at the same time hide the elastic band, constituting a perfect decorative element at the waist and legs. In addition, most panties have been enriched with ephemeral layers of frills that subtly harmonize with all children's dresses from our collections. Tasteful and intricate frills add a stylish yet discreet elegance as well as girlish delicacy and playful carefreeness, which should be synonymous with every Young Seeker of Fairy and Magic Chambers.

Carefree comfort and exceptional perfection

POCA & POCA children’s panties are a combination of charming originality and absolute convenience and comfort of use. Regardless of the cut, all our panties have an elastic band at the waist and legs, which ensures stability during any madness and carefree activity of your child. The elastic band does not restrict movement and does not oppress, it is an invisible and imperceptible stabilizer of the panties. It will be perfect both for the youngest Lilac Fairies, who are just beginning their active exploration of the world on their own feet, and for slightly older Blueberry Princesses up to 6 years old. We offer models with smooth materials with a noble, pearly sheen, as well as panties with expressive floral patterns or with cheerful polka dots or harmonious stripes. Each Little Candy Lady can choose from delicate shades of beige, cream, precious gold or peach, or opt for more expressive colors - raspberry pink, blue or distinguished black.

Charming sets with panties

We offer both single children’s panties and sets, which include charming dresses and harmoniously matched panties. This is a perfect option for occasions that require subtle elegance and representativeness of our Youngest Princesses, such as family celebrations, holidays, birthdays. Each set creates a coherent whole, ensuring perfect airiness and exceptional delicacy, thanks to flared forms and butterfly frills. We leave you with a choice of refined, peach, cream, blue and multicolored and patterned sets of knee-length dresses and matching panties. The sets are also perfect for any other, informal occasion, emphasizing the original and charming aura of each active and joyful Young Fairy. For the POCA & POCA brand, the most important thing is that every Lavender Princess should feel comfortable and special in our clothes, because thanks to this, she can discover the whole world at her own pace without embarrassment and with joy on her face.