Ramadan 2023 Petite

Ramadan - a special moment, who’s beginning is symbolized by a silvery crescent moon, is a special time not only for adults, but also for children. Rejoicing children are very happy to decorate their homes on this occasion and celebrate festive meals. They also want to emphasize this reflective month by choosing unique, elegant clothes with a festive character. The POCA & POCA brand, through its latest children's collection, wants to make Young Elegant girls feel special and unique at this time, spreading around them a magical aura and girlish delicacy. The collection created for Ramadan 2023 is characterized by loose, comfortable cuts and subdued colors, which are designed to emphasize this festive, metaphysical time full of reverie, reflection, but also children's joy in this unique month.

Festive, elegant lightness

POCA & POCA designers have created 12 unique, eye-catching dresses for the Ramadan period and aimed at girls aged 3-12. Among them, we will find both timeless cuts based on the A-line form, perfect for Moon Princesses who value classics, as well as modern, unconventional and non-waisted forms, in which lovers of extravagant and fanciful, modern looks will be perfect. Each styling is rich in frills known to fans of the brand, which add girlish charm and incredible lightness. A characteristic element is also sophisticated, decorative sleeves in the form of puffs, bells or layers of ruffled frills. In this collection, we have introduced a new look at decorative butterfly sleeves. All this is to make the period of Ramadan a moment of exceptional celebration for the Young Princess, which turns out to be due to special clothes and behaviors dedicated to this period. Let your children show this uniqueness in every possible way.

Lunar fabrics

What distinguishes the latest children's collection Petite 2023 are extraordinary fabrics, characterized by exceptional gloss and nobility, which intensifies their festive character. You can choose from satin smooth, shiny fabrics as well as clever materials with fanciful textures and ethereal brilliance. The collection offers both one-color stylizations referring to the night sky, where gold or black predominate, as well as multi-colored outfits referring to the enigmatic Northern Lights. There are also dresses with fashionable dots or horizontal and vertical stripes. We will also find dresses in expressive colors of golden pink or fuchsia. For young Mythical Fairies, we offer dresses in shades of powder pink or delicate cream for this special time. Each stylization is characterized by extraordinary attention to quality and details, ensuring both a unique, ephemeral look and full freedom of movement. Each dress is complemented by wellthought- out and selected decorative elements in the form of gold buttons, decorative collars, ruffles and bows. Also in this collection, on each styling we will find elegant, golden plaques signed with the brand.

Lunar, special time

Our latest children's collection for the Ramadan period wants to combine a unique, festive style with children's carefreeness and joy. Children celebrate in their own unique way, and we want to provide them with both comfort and subtle elegance. We want our clothes to express children's special joy of celebration. Every Young Lady will feel special and unique, whether during a gala dinner at sunset or during a special day full of challenges and sacrifices, if only she has the opportunity to wear our fairy-tale stylizations. We believe that thanks to unusual and festive outfits, they will feel even more in this special time and fully understand its uniqueness.

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