POCA & POCA Children Sets

Children's set is one of the most popular styles for kids. The sophisticated and harmonious combination of the upper and lower parts of the outfit ensures a tasteful and fully matched look in every respect. It is also by far the most comfortable outfit both from the perspective of the child and the parent. Perfectly matched styling means that we do not have to waste a lot of time every day on choosing the right elements of the outfit for a demanding and energetic Young Lady who wants to feel both comfortable and special during absolutely every occasion - no matter if we are talking about crazy and carefree fun at home or a tasteful birthday party. It also helps to develop your unique, subtle taste and class from an early age. The designers of the POCA & POCA brand know this very well, and in their projects aimed at children, they combine originality and fabulous fantasy with absolute wearing comfort. POCA & POCA girls' sets are to reflect the sophisticated, delicate figure of a young, self-confident individualist who spontaneously and with great joy discovers the world piece by piece.

Exquisite variety

We are proud to present unique POCA & POCA children sets that will meet the requirements of even the most demanding Little Fairies who value uniqueness and ethereal delicacy. We leave you with classic sets to choose from, consisting of a blouse and shorts, which are characterized by incredible comfort and airiness. Pastel, subtle colors of pink or yellow will be perfect for daily, informal occasions where spontaneity and energy reign. For formal occasions and holidays, sets in timeless colors of tourmaline black or alabaster white will be perfect. For demanding, Young Elegant Girls, we recommend sets with a fashionable plaid or a distinctive print. POCA & POCA children sets are distinguished by precise additions in the form of fancy ruffles or fabulous frills decorating the top.

Elegance and comfort

Subtle, Little Rose Princesses will certainly appreciate the sets consisting of an elegant blouse and airy skirt, emphasizing girlish delicacy and refined sophistication. Such sets are perfect for more formal meetings or holidays, adding a magical glow and ethereal originality. We can choose a classic set with elements made of one material or a sophisticated set that combines various fabrics - for example, a charming set consisting of a blouse and tulle skirt or a set consisting of a taffeta blouse and skirt. For extraordinary Princesses, we recommend a set of original skirts tied with sashes and a delicate blouse or a set consisting of a dress with thick straps and a satin blouse. We care about the highest quality of fabrics, which is to provide each Little Vanilla Lady with both wearing comfort and a sense of perfection and luxury.

Pastel or classic ?

The world of a child is cheerful and colorful, which is why the designers of the POCA & POCA brand made sure that children's sets shimmer with all the joyful shades of the rainbow, giving the Youngest Ladies a lot of choice. We can choose from delicate, pastel colors such as pink, lime, mint, lilac, as well as subdued, calm shades of beige, silver or gray. There are also sets in timeless white and black. You don't have to limit yourself to one-colored sets, we encourage you to choose styles with fashionable, delicate floral patterns, abstract print or classic plaid. Each set is distinguished by intricately selected accessories in the form of butterfly frills on the sleeves, fairy-tale ruffles, sophisticated sashes and elegant buttons. We care about diversity so that each Rainbow Princess has a large selection of styling for absolutely every occasion. If she chooses dream set for the day, all that remains is to fully enjoy it, discovering it in your unique styling piece by piece.