Elegant long dresses – enchanting and whimsical

From delicate, even ethereal designs, through frivolous ruffled pieces inspired by nature, to bold elegant lines and eye-catching details. Each of our exclusive designer dresses is crafted and perfected right to the last trademark baby pink stitch. The result is unmistakeable style, characteristic of POCA & POCA and women who are not afraid to experiment with their style and introduce exclusive glamorous pieces to their wardrobe. However, our long elegant dresses come in a variety of forms, styles and lines, including also simple, graceful projects. All with that unique charm and chic found in each new line we design for you. POCA & POCA exclusive style is a result of great passion for youthful, fresh and even playful designs. Our elegant dress ideas do not simply blend in with other designs in your wardrobe. They change it into a truly magical selection of beautiful fabrics and fairy-tale designer outfits, perfect for work, play and glamorous evening in the opera.

Nature in all its magnificent beauty

Our harmonious lines are inspired by nature and its timeless beauty – with all of its light, colours, unique patterns and inimitable combinations. Unmeasured richness of nature is reflected in our elegant designs based on light, delicate dandelions, colourful yet majestic butterflies along with intricate floral patterns. Exploration of natural world surrounds our exclusive dresses with aura of simple grace, uncanny charm and exceptional style, which cannot be duplicated. Beauty, however, can be observed all around us: in smooth, feminine, elegant dance of a ballerina, magical play of light on a lazy summer afternoon or even mysterious fairy-tales we love. You can find it all in the designs of our exclusive long dresses – from subtle decorative details, to vivid patterns and even a whole line inspired by yet another exceptional fragment of the world that surrounds us. Imagination, ability to see elegance and true beauty make POCA & POCA designer dresses so remarkable.

Stylish designs for modern women

You can choose simple elegance of long dresses or the most creative ruffled pieces and vivid colours. It is your originality and your unique style that matters, so we made sure each project is timeless and unmistakeable – simply yours. The dreamer inside you can once again be awaken with our collections revolving around wishes coming true. Appealing mystery is skilfully crafted into the ruffles and flounces of our exclusive dresses, reminding you of the magic hidden in nature, awaiting to be discovered. Gentle, ethereal fabrics, like silk, lace, tulle, gracefully combine into a blissful outfit. Theme of secrecy and mystery is present throughout our collections, assisted by enchanting, fairy-tale lines and colours. At the same time, our long designer dresses harmoniously combine sophistication, elegance expressed by the simplest forms, as well as breathtaking glamour. All enclosed in fashionable trends, perfect for every occasion. Don’t forget about our classic long dresses, ideally displaying the best characteristics of POCA & POCA exceptional stylistic choices.

Exciting choices for every occasion

Our online range is wonderfully rich and gives you freedom of choice. Handcrafted collections offer you new perspectives, creative combinations of colours and decorations as well as refreshing simplicity teamed up with bold ideas. Exquisite POCA & POCA long ruffled dresses are an interesting choice for the most formal, glamorous occasions as well as work time and casual outings with your friends. For the most important moments of your life and everyday situations. Whatever your choice is, these exclusive, designer projects will create aura of harmony, fairy-tale, charm and beauty wherever you go. So what will it be?

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