Mini Autumn / Winter 2023 Collection

If you think that melancholy autumn and calm winter must be a reflection of your little girl style for this period, see our latest Mini Autumn / Winter 2023 collection and see for yourself that the end of the year can be fully colorful, cheerful and charming, just like childish, carefree fun. The POCA & POCA brand has created a colorful, tasteful collection that combines unique, fabulous elegance with practicality, because we are convinced that a perfect fit and comfortable, airy forms are able to bring a sincere smile to a child's face. We believe that every Young Lady has countless layers of delicacy, subtle sensitivity and fairy airiness, which is why the clothes of the latest collection want to accurately reflect this childlike, joyful and noble nature. Check which stylizations from the Mini Autumn / Winter 2023 collection best reflect the character and temperament of your Youngest, Colorful Lady.

What we will find in the Mini Fall / Winter 2023 collection ?

The latest collection is aimed at the youngest girls, aged 1-6. It consists of 18 fancy and charming styles, designed to meet the needs of both modest, sensitive minimalists and charismatic, expressive Young Ladies who always want to be in the center of attention. Here you will find ephemeral dresses, subtle blouses, wide skirts and charming sets of blouses and skirts. The variety of patterns and accessories means that the stylizations can be successfully adapted to any occasion. The dominant colors in this collection are charming pastels - pink, lily, peach, blue, perfect for everyday use. For calm, balanced Princesses, we offer precious silver, beige and cream. We also have stylizations in expressive colors of purple or blue, perfect to stand out from the crowd during a special occasion. According to the POCA & POCA brand, all these colors are synonymous with girlish delicacy and carefree.

Balloon lightness, pastel magic

This time, our Smallest Princess POCA & POCA, wandering around the Enchanted Palace, reaches a magical chamber full of multi-colored balloons. The balloon is a symbol of detachment from the earth, detachment from everyday life, worries and problems. The Princess glides above the ground holding a bunch of colorful balloons in her hand, feeling excitement and indescribable joy. The balloon is also an inspiration for the latest children's collection, which, just like it, is airy, light and magical. This effect is enhanced by flared, voluminous skirts, loose tops, frilly inserts or puffy, elegant sleeves. In addition to unconventional forms, the collection is also distinguished by the highest quality materials with fabulous wrinkles, embossing and textures. There is also no shortage of light as cotton candy, mist layers enveloping fabrics. In order to ensure the greatest possible comfort and convenience while wearing, stylizations often include an elastic, elegantly gathered and tightened elastic band at the waist, on the neckline or on the sleeves. The designs are tailored to perfectly combine both the subtle, fairy evanescence and delicacy, as well as a hint of madness or frivolity.

The balloon chamber is waiting for you

You can join our POCA & POCA Princess today and explore the balloon chamber with her. Take a look at our latest Mini Autumn / Winter 2023 collection and decide for yourself which stylization will best illustrate your character. We guarantee the highest quality of materials and forms refined to the smallest detail. We also guarantee the uniqueness and exceptional of our stylizations. Thanks to this, you will avoid autumn stagnation and winter downtime in your wardrobe. Your creations will always be unique, fresh and stunning, giving you charm and selfconfidence and shaping the best sense of aesthetics and style in every situation from an early age.

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