Girl’s wardrobe of fantasy

Once we went to a secret garden. We were wandering along hidden alleys among trees, looking at our reflection in emerald ponds, touching dewy grass with our bare feet and immersed in the stunning smell of flowers, we were watching clouds carelessly passing through the sky. These exceptional inspirations created POCA & POCA girls’ clothes collection which combines classic cuts and sophisticated accessories straight from the wardrobe of a garden queen.

While designing, we listened carefully to the voice of nature, which is right to say that beauty lies in simplicity. That is why we conjured fashionable, elegant POCA & POCA girls’ clothes, which impress with charming inserts on the background of timeless cuts. Thanks to this we achieved an extraordinary effect of outfits that are based on avant-garde and at the same time proven and well-fitted to a girl’s figure.

Stylish clothes for girls

Flared girls’ dresses, pleated flared skirts, tulip skirts, waist-fitted pants and jumpsuits, pants and blouses with transparent sleeves and legs are ideas which we derived from a flowery coppice. Here and there we saw daylilies with curved petals and slim bellflowers, which shape is reflected in the sleeves of our clothes.Subtle flower buds have blossomed in our collection with sophisticated flounces and bows, which eagerly crept on dresses and blouses. Drops of morning dew and bubbles of refreshing water became pearl buttons which decorate claps and sleeves of blouses and flaps on pants. We also stared for long at rotating dance of dragonflies and butterflies, which ethereal nature is reflected in embroidered and glossy materials, 3D fabrics, smooth and transparent meshes, tulles, laces and puffs.

Natural comfort

Children’s collection by POCA & POCA is a tribute to the harmony of nature — its passing shapes, unique colours and unspoken grace, which are captured in the latest line of stylish clothes for girls. While walking through the magical garden, we understood that nature gently adapts to places and seasons. That is why we designed comfortable and at the same time sophisticated clothes for girls, adapting them to every occasion in a secret way. We made sure that fashionable POCA & POCA girls’ clothes fit well to the figure and provide full comfort and freedom of movement at the same time. Girls’ pants, jumpsuits, skirts, dresses and blouses by POCA & POCA are made of high quality, luxurious and skin-friendly fabrics that comfortably wrap the body, as well as ensure proper air circulation and lightness of a ballerina.

Girl’s charm

The main theme of POCA & POCA children’s collection are plants, butterflies, dragonflies, as well as water, air and the sky. That is why POCA & POCA children’s clothes are full of elegance that is welcome during special occasions: family meetings, elegant dinners, banquets, balls. They also do not lack lightness and finesse, thanks to which a girl will feel comfortable, will easily create her own, original look, and will be able to put on tasteful clothes to school, for a meeting with girlfriends or even for a family walk. In order to combine children’s and adults’ expectations, we have reached for a palette of colours ranging from cream and white, through pink, strawberry, yellow, orange, to blue, sapphire and black, referring to what is the most beautiful in nature - and what will work every day as well as for special moments.