POCA & POCA Women Sets

Women's set is a stylization that immediately captivates many women around the world. It is appreciated primarily for its practicality and comfort, because putting on all the parts of the set, you have a fully ready styling. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about the harmonious matching of individual elements of the outfit. Your styling is fully refined, consistent and proportionate. The women's set also provides a unique look that you can easily match to absolutely any occasion. The POCA & POCA brand wants to meet the expectations of modern, fashionable, self-confident women who value both comfort and originality. Designers have created ephemeral women's sets that will make you stand out from the crowd thanks to sophisticated forms and luxurious fabrics. The variety of cuts and colors means that you can easily match them to any occasion - holidays, birthdays, business meetings, parties, shopping or a lazy afternoon with coffee.

Which set will you love ?

Women's POCA & POCA sets are distinguished by sophisticated refinement of forms and attention to detail. Thanks to this, each stylization will provide you with a sense of luxury and refinement. We have prepared for you classic sets consisting of a blouse and shorts, which are perfect for both a slack and casual day as well as for tasteful occasions that require elegance and representativeness. Among them you will find both smooth, cream and lemon sets, as well as sets in pastel shades of pink or blue, enriched with a fashionable check. For brave and charismatic women, we have prepared sets in shades of brown and blue, where strong colors are enhanced by finely textured fabrics. The POCA & POCA brand has also designed tasteful women's sets consisting of a blouse and a skirt, which will perfectly emphasize your delicate, subtle nature thanks to airy, feminine forms and elegant materials in expressive colors of orange, white or black. These stylizations are perfect for shopping or casual evening meetings with friends.

Classic sets and modern, dreamlike forms

Because the POCA & POCA brand is famous for its fanciful, fairy-tale and unique forms, in addition to timeless sets that pay homage to the classics, we have also created modern women's sets that will make you stand out from the crowd and be remembered for a long time, thanks to their unique forms and fabulous accessories in the form of frills, capes, puffs or asymmetric cuts. Among them we will find an ephemeral, onyx set consisting of a jumpsuit and an extravagant, feathered cape or a silver set consisting of a blouse, trousers and a long, charismatic cape. A unique set consisting of an asymmetric polka dot dress and a fitted jacket will also add to your shine. A large part of the styling are sets consisting of a blouse and pants. It is currently one of the most popular and comfortable looks, which perfectly fits into both casual and formal occasions. However, we break the routine with asymmetry, puffy frills, patterned fabrics or tasteful accessories in the form of expressive stripes, sashes or large buttons. Here you will find stylizations that are perfect for a business meeting or formal lunch as well as for an evening party, dinner or crazy holidays. Each of them will provide you with incredible comfort and a fabulous look.

These sets will stay with you for good

Our sets play with the classic convention, introducing futuristic and bold accessories into the world of fashion, ensuring a unique and original effect. Thanks to the variety of cuts, you will always find a set that will suit your current mood and occasion. We believe that a well-cut and well-chosen styling strengthens self-confidence and boldness, which enhances your good mood and creates a unique aura around you. Therefore, we invite you to the virtual wardrobe for a women's set that will improve your mood and strengthen your feminine self-confidence in every situation.