Elegant women’s pants

Even in the 19th century, only a few women had the courage to put on pants. Today, it is a basic element of women’s outfit and each woman has at least several pairs in her wardrobe.However, there is always room for another pair of pants! At POCA & POCA we took a look at the fashion history of this piece of clothing through the prism of fascination with the beauty of nature. The result of our search is nearly a hundred models that combine stylish, comfortable cuts with avant-garde ornamentation, drawing directly from the nature blossoming with secrets.

There are more cuts to women’s pants than drainpipes

POCA & POCA collection includes elegant women’s pants, perfect for every day and for special occasions. Drainpipes are still fashionable, but with the boho trend, women's bell-bottoms have also come back in grace. Following this trend, we conjured up bell-bottoms with very wide legs, which thanks to a special cut will successfully replace a skirt. Inspired by exotic fruits and the style of American jazz musicians from the 1940s, we designed women's banana pants with high waist and legs narrowing down, excellent for high heeled sandals and stilettos. Our banana cuts include also women's pants with elastic waist and cuffs on the legs, perfect for a casual day. In turn, women's high-waisted drainpipes, adored by Coco Chanel, and pants with straight legs are classic women's pants for work, as well as for more elegant occasions - they look great with a shirt and jacket or a sophisticated blouse. Katherine Hepburn, who allegedly wore a dress only once in her life on her wedding day, argued that every woman should have high-waisted women's pants with wide legs. This cut highlights the waistline, optically slims the figure and lengthens the legs.The famous cinema icon wore these women's pants with wide legs with heavy boots and masculine shirts. The models from the POCA & POCA collection also look good with a much more subtle top and high heels.

Simple cut, exceptional details

POCA & POCA elegant women's pants are a tribute to the natural harmony, in which the simplicity of cuts is adorned with original accessories. Observing natural wonders, we created women's pants with ornamentation that evoke the image of paradise gardens, where colourful birds and dragonflies fly gracefully over the crisp ponds. That's how the original wide bell-bottoms with a basque made from delicate fabric leaves as well as bell-bottoms made from fabrics falling in soft folds, with pleats resembling water waves and women's drainpipes with tucks, imitating ethereal butterflies, were created. The image of floral buds is evoked by the unique women's drainpipes decorated with a two-layer cascading skirt with feathery details at the waist. Allusions to flower petals can also be found in our elegant white women's pants with flounces, pants with ruffles at the waist, women's pants with bows and women's pants with large pockets, decorated with charming little pearls, buttons, feathers and bows.

Classic style with a touch of fantasy

Thanks to high-quality materials, the stylish POCA & POCA women's pants fit perfectly. The collection abounds in airy women's silk and cotton pants, as well as pants sewn from extruded, flocked, quilted, embroidered, patchwork 3D and shimmering fabrics with tucks. The colours of fabrics are full of positive energy: sunny yellow, lemon, mustard, bottle green, sea blue, raspberry, beige, grey, black, navy blue, white, cream, mint, orange, baby blue, blue, baby pink, gold and salmon allow you to create interesting outfits and prove that fashionable women's pants are much more than just a practical garment.

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