Discover enchanting world of exclusive fashion for women

Bold, youthful and not afraid of searching for her own, unique and inimitable style. POCA & POCA exclusive fashion for women comes from true passion and love for beauty, magic in our lives and ephemeral precious things. It is a subtle combination of simplicity of noble forms, graceful lines harmoniously in tune with bold patterns as well as charming colours. Inspired by nature, these projects are yet not afraid to break the rules and discover new ways to express charismatic, majestic style.

These fashion clothes for ladies are for those of you, who search for something more in your style. Handcrafted by skilful master tailors, with trademark baby pink thread and unmistakeable, yet always original lines, they are truly timeless. With such a variety of delicate materials along with flounces, bows, pleats and ruffles, your fashionable journey is virtually unlimited. POCA & POCA designs are perfect for work, leisure and the most formal visit in the opera house.

Exceptional forms and inimitable style of clothes

Refined, gentle details or majestic, exceptional ruffles, flounces and bows are in the heart of every exclusive design. Intricate patterns, harmonious lines, quite often inspired by nature itself, carry an amazing power, which translates into whimsical, fanciful – truly graceful look. Subtlety allows them to create POCA & POCA signature style, inimitable and celebrated by the most fashionable modern women.

With each dress, cape, pants and blouse the promise of magical, ethereal and yet outstanding, glamorous outfit is fulfilled. Along with highest quality fabrics and surprising but harmonious sets, the stylish clothes for women keep changing and evolving without losing POCA & POCA’s original elegance, known from catwalks around the world.

Recipe for perfect fashion clothes for ladies

Refresh and rejuvenate your wardrobe with jumpsuits, add a pinch of magic with exclusive long ruffled dresses or creatively combine fairy-tale skirts, blouses with high collar and capes. Limitless possibilities let you create your own stylish fairy-tale outfit for every occasion.

Quite simple white high waist skirt, with delicate, charming ruffles add a pinch of grace to your everyday outfit, and goes great with much darker obsidian long sleeved blouse. Ruffles on the shoulders and gold buttons complement the whole set, achieving amazingly simple, yet feminine and confident look. Add a little summer with sun glazed blouse or cape to immediately turn it from work attire to much more playful, bright and whimsical outfit you can enjoy and relax in.

Crinkled fabric blouse with extravagant bohemian drooping sleeves along with patchwork striped skirt is a perfect choice for more formal situations. Darker colours, refined details and bold ruffles all combine into exceptional clothes: graceful, elegant and still standing out with magnificent, unique lines, characteristic for our exclusive fashion for women.

Celebrate your graceful style

Play with our collections of stylish clothes for women, boldly explore vast fashionable possibilities and write your own best story. Create a collection of outfits, which truly expresses your uniqueness, confidence and passion. Trust in bold combinations of styles, lines, patterns, fabrics and colours and underline your feminine charm.

Celebrate each day with a new exclusive idea and another magical, whimsical, simple or majestic version of you. Gracefully distinct yourself from the crowd on every occasion, from informal meeting with your friends to a cocktail party, to a visit in a theatre. Boldly experiment with pencil or large volume dresses, high-waist pants or wide-legged jumpsuits and be who you truly are.

A whole world of rich fairy-tale exclusive collections are waiting to be explored!