A one scarf, please!

A beautiful scarf is definitely a very feminine accessory. You can wrap it around your neck on a chilly day or tie it to your bag as an embellishment. A great thing about scarves is that they can be worn with many different garments and on different occasions. They are a great way of dressing up a plain outfit and making it look special. At POCA & POCA, we have got the right scarves to complement your everyday outfits. If you pick a scarf that is made of the right fabric, with the right patterns and colours, your whole ensemble is bound to look incredibly stunning and impressive. Would you like to dress to impress? The first step is putting together your perfect costume and making sure that you feel comfortable in it. Done? Now you can lighten it up with your favourite accessories – a cute handbag, an elegant belt, some luxurious jewellery, and a gorgeous scarf of course!

Special scarves for special women

You are a special woman and in order to feel confident and elegant, so you need special accessories. That is why our designers have developed a collection of unique scarves – for women who are like you – special and unique. What makes them so special? Their colours are pretty, bright and vibrant, which shows that you are a courageous and bold woman who is not afraid of trying new things and taking risks. Moreover, they have one-of-a-kind designs to emphasise your uniqueness and individuality. They are made of the finest fabrics, such as silk, that is very classy and feels really good on your skin. Do you already have the perfect outfit but cannot shake the feeling that something is still missing in it? Maybe this “something” is a pretty scarf.

Elegance at its finest

At POCA & POCA, we are very proud of our scarves – their beautiful colours, their soft fabrics and their unique designs. If we had to describe our scarves in a few words, we would say that they are:

Stylish – their style is unique and special, because they are made for special women.
olourful – we have put a lot of thought into their bright, vibrant colours.
vant-garde – because they are not like any other scarves that you have seen before.
ectangular – some of our scarves have a regular, rectangular shape.
isible – because their colours and designs simply stand out.
legant – there is no doubt that they can complement even very smart outfits.
ilk – they are made of high quality, smooth fabrics, such as silk, that are very pleasant to wear.

Now you can probably understand why we love our scarves so much. We are sure that you will love them too!

Just be yourself

Sometimes a scarf can change a mundane outfit into something exquisite and memorable. The way you dress, the clothes that you wear, your personal style are ways of expressing who you are, they are your identity. Don't be afraid to express yourself with your clothes and to show the world who you are. The best way to do it is by picking the accessories that tell your story. If you are a bold, confident, courageous women, you can show it by wearing vibrant colours, unusual patterns or extraordinary cuts or fits. If your individuality is very important to you, you might decide to wear something that others may consider unique and eccentric. There are countless ways of expressing yourself through your clothes and you have to choose the one that you feel is right for you. Our POCA & POCA designers have prepared a range of interesting accessories that may help you: some elegant handbags, stylish belts, cute and comfortable shoes and... amazing scarves!