Ramadan 2023 Mini

When the moon, shining with full white light, heralds the arrival of the sacred ninth month, each of us knows that a special and exceptional period begins. For adults it is a moment of concentration and reflection, while for children it is a magical moment of celebrating every day. Make the youngest Moonlight Princesses feel from an early age that this is the most important and most beautiful time of the year. Make every action, behavior and appearance reflect this during this time. With our latest Mini Ramadan 2023 collection, it is absolutely possible! Distinguished, harmonious and festive creations are waiting in the virtual wardrobe for the youngest lovers of our brand! Check which one will steal your heart and best express the spirit of this solemn time.

Majestic dresses for a special occasion

The latest Mini Ramadan 2023 collection includes 17 elegant, graceful dresses, designed especially for the youngest POCA Princesses aged 1-6, who want to celebrate every special day of Ramadan with dignity and taste. Four stylizations come with decorative panties. The dresses are characterized by a loose, non-waisted cut, because in addition to ethereal elegance, it provides full comfort and freedom of movement. Each of them is characterized by a creative and modern look at fashion, thanks to which every girl will feel special, unique and festive at this special time. Our stylizations are perfect for a day full of fun and activity as well as for a solemn, special dinner evening with the family. Our goal is to provide both a unique and distinctive cut and absolute comfort, which will ensure pleasure and joy of wearing.

Lunar glow styling

Dresses for the youngest girls, designed for the Ramadan period, are characterized by an incredible and noble glow, referring to the moonlight. This emphasizes the festive, special character of the clothes and ensures a tasteful, extraordinary elegance. Thanks to this collection, every youngest lady will be able to celebrate this solemn month with dignity, exceptionally and class. You can choose from bright creations in shades of beige, cream and white, which refer to the Ramadan moon and provide subtle, delicate elegance. You will also find dresses in expressive shades of pink, purple or peach that will liven up any image. Each dress is made of fabrics with subtle textures and patterns, which catches the eye and puts it in the foreground. We will find here unique creations with 3D elements, fashionable stripes, dots or flowers. The youngest lovers of simplicity have at their disposal dresses with smooth, slightly textured materials. The leitmotifs of this collection are lightness and elegance, which have been achieved through loose, often asymmetric cuts and elements as well as subtle additions in the form of ruffles, frills, pleats or puffs. Each dress is characterized by a multitude of frills, elegant accessories and decorative sleeves. Also in this collection, we supplemented our clothes with gold, POCA & POCA labels.

Magical uniqueness

Now the Youngest Princesses have reached the Lunar, Enigmatic Chamber, where refined and festive elegance reigns. Let them celebrate every day of this special, holy month and express this uniqueness through clever, elegant outfits, perfect for absolutely any occasion - from carefree, everyday games to special, festive evenings. Just as your apartments gain unique decorations and ornamentations at this time, you too should focus on a unique and exceptional look. With the POCA & POCA brand and the latest, festive collection, it is absolutely possible! Add even more magic and fairytale to these special days and choose tasteful uniqueness that is hard to take your eyes off of!

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