Autumn / Winter 2023 collection

Decorated with elegance, sprinkled with monumental chic, dressed in a fabulous, ethereal glow - this is what the latest collection Autumn / Winter 2023 by POCA & POCA is all about. It surprises with a sublime combination of timeless classics and sophisticated modernity, which perfectly emphasizes femininity and stands out in the big city crowd. It is exuberant like an English autumn and majestic, just like an Alpine winter. It will perfectly emphasize each personality, adding fairy-tale lightness and brilliance as well as noble elegance, which is a poetic tribute to ephemeral femininity. Enter the virtual wardrobe and see what the designers of the POCA & POCA brand have prepared especially for you. Choose from the latest, fancy dresses, formal blouses, elegant trousers or sophisticated jumpsuits.

What will enchant us with the new collection ?

The latest Autumn / Winter 2023 collection is characterized by a combination of classic elegance and modern, phenomenal, fairy-tale lightness, emphasized by tasteful and eye-catching details such as belts, chains, pins and buttons. These are the characteristics of our brand, which could not be missing here as well. The Autumn / Winter 2023 collection consists of 98 unusual and original styles that will charm you with their tasteful elegance and modernist airiness. We decided to divide them into three main motifs: Vintage Twist, which will surely be loved by lovers of loose and free forms decorated with fringes, Modern Elegance, perfect for lovers of subtle and pure forms, referring to the timeless classics, and Midnight Garden, adhering to romantic, girlish, floral delicacy. Which one will steal your heart? Or maybe each of them will partly reflect your mood and character ?

Pure forms or floral madness ?

The choice is only yours. We give you a lot of possibilities in this collection. You can bet on one main theme of the collection that best expresses your personality, or combine them freely and play with fashion, obtaining your unique and unique style. The Autumn / Winter 2023 collection abounds in expressive, vivid colors such as pink, navy blue, violet, graphite, green or orange, as well as in subtle pastel colors - you can choose from romantic, powder pink, peach, blue, cream or lilac. There is also no shortage of classic black and white, whose immortal elegance and taste has enchanted for years. Do you like clean, smooth forms? You will surely like our Modern Elegance styles, characterized by a smooth material with an incredible metallic or pearly sheen that will brighten up and ennoble every image. Or are you a pattern lover? In the latest collection you will find both stripes and prints, as well as floral patterns or fashionable animal patterns that will add character and the proverbial claw. We also focused on materials with unique and original textures. The Autumn / Winter 2023 collection also includes stylizations with unique, hairy elements that will add splendor to any image, adding a note of modern madness and dreaminess.

Styling for a lazy day and a great night out

POCA & POCA makes sure that, regardless of the situation and occasion, you always feel special and unique, emphasizing your femininity. In the Autumn / Winter 2023 collection you will find both delicate midi dresses or sets perfect for a casual day at home, as well as fanciful stylizations ideal for business meetings or formal dinners and lofty events. You can choose from tasteful overalls, stylish sets or elegant dresses with eye-catching details in the form of cutouts on the back or neckline, fancy sleeves, frills, luxury belts or stylish chains. Combine and compose elements of our stylizations to create your unspeakable, original style, emphasizing your uniqueness and bringing out a unique, ephemeral glow.

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