POCA & POCA hairbands

POCA & POCA presents a new product in the women’s collection: Hairbands – one of the most captivating accessories that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Hairbands hold the unruly strands of hair in place and are the fashionable crowning achievement of the hairstyle. These simple and at the same time extraordinary hair accessories have conquered our hearts by storm – they are not only worn by young girls, but also by adult women. With the latter in mind, POCA & POCA designed hairbands inspired by the freshness of a morning dew. White POCA & POCA hairbands look like expensive jewellery, they are subtle, romantic and neutral at the same time. They look beautiful on dark, red and blonde hair. They perfectly match the elegant dresses and casual outfits.

Women’s hairbands

Hair is undoubtedly an attribute of femininity. A beautiful hairstyle makes you feel confident and attractive. Sometimes, however, everyone needs a change. Instead of going crazy with a new, bold haircut or colour, all you have to do is try some smart hair accessories that will change your image in no time. Following the voice of the heart, POCA & POCA designed women’s hairbands with pearls. These hairbands fit perfectly with POCA & POCA hairstyles, yet you can wear them to any outfit you like. Still wondering how to wear hairbands? Start with the simplest set: jeans, white or black top, ballet flats or heels – we guarantee that the white hairband will add freshness and a charming girlish look to your hairstyle. You can also wear POCA & POCA hairbands with a colourful dress or jacket – take a look at our model’s photos and see how powerful these romantic hair gadgets are!

Hairbands for every lady

Although various hair accessories have been enjoying triumphs for a long time, there are still questions about whether adult women should wear hairbands. Obviously, there is only one answer: yes, they should! A hairband is a kind of accessory which makes not only a few-year-old girls look good. Doesn’t matter if you are 30 or 40 years old, a hairband is still your friend! We understand, however, that women’s hairbands for adult women should be suitable for their age. So instead of flowers and rainbow colours, we focused on subdued classics. White and creamy POCA & POCA hairbands are sophisticated accessories that will make you feel beautiful in every occasion – whether you are going to a banquet, a date or a meeting with friends. The hairbands are decorated with ivory pearls that add elegance and style to any look.

Thin and thick hairbands

You can wear POCA & POCA hairbands in many different ways In order to choose the right hairband, pay attention to its size and remember about its practical aspects. If you have thick, lush hair and want to keep it from going down on your face, choose a thicker, more solid hairband. For a subtle accent, choose thin hairbands such as the Blaze haze headband, which is decorated with 5 mm acrylic pearls. If you want to dazzle and attract more attention to your hairstyle, again go for the thick hairbands, such as the creamy Fairy-tale hairband made of a soft fabric, hand-decorated with ivory pearls. You can also choose a set of hairbands which includes a thick and a thin one which you can wear together or separately. The result is always amazing!