POCA & POCA New Autumn / Winter 2024 Women Collection

Subtle and sensual like a blooming red rose, and at the same time full of monumental enigmaand grace like a mountain winter scenery. This is what the latest Autumn / Winter 2024 collection is, noble named Velvet Reverie. It will wrap you in subtle delicacy and give you incredible self-confidence and a magical aura of femininity thanks to unique, refined cuts, the most delicate fabrics and ethereal, original accessories. The Autumn / Winter 2024 collection is a timeless combination of luxury, elegance and ethereal airiness that every woman desires. Although delicacy is in a sense the opposite of majestic self-confidence, our unique Autumn / Winter 2024 collection perfectly combines these two contradictory features, creating a virtual effect in the form of clothes woven with passion and perfection, thoroughly reflecting the most perfect features and contradictions, hidden in every woman.

Rose delicacy and fantasy of the Velvet Reverie Collection

The Velvet Reverie collection consists of expressive and modern styles, perfectly reflecting the spirit of a self-confident, luxurious woman whose romantic and ethereal nature blooms like a velvet rose. This woman chooses airy dresses, characterized by rose delicacy and fantasy, but she also does not shy away from modern, charming solutions in the form of jumpsuits or trousers. Thanks to the latest Autumn / Winter 2024 collection, it has unlimited possibilities! We offer airy dresses with a hint of rose delicacy, the special features of which are puffy ruffles, ruffles, feathery accessories and light, like a spider's web, tulle layers. The ethereal decoration of our dresses is the asymmetric form, adding noble ephemerality and extraordinary originality. The fantasy of the Velvet Reverie also includes tasteful and timeless jumpsuits with airy, tulle inserts and asymmetric elements, perfect for both everyday use and special occasions. The latest collection also includes stately, modular blouses that can be easily matched to trousers, skirts and shorts from the collection, while ethereal, hairy capes will be the perfect complement to the whole.

Unusual forms and majestic solutions

The latest Velvet Reverie collection by POCA & POCA is full of unusual forms and majestic solutions. Her inspiration was a blooming rose with velvety smooth petals, a synonym of femininity, love and delicacy. A woman receiving a rose radiates, grows stronger and gains subtle, charming self-confidence, and this is what happens thanks to the clothes from our latest collection. The majestic solutions of the Velvet Reverie collection abound in unusual forms in the form of feminine, airy dresses, ephemeral and graceful jumpsuits, fancy, shaggy capes as well as unique shorts, blouses, elegant trousers and skirts. The dominant colors in Velvet Reverie are tasteful gold, enigmatic black, dignified gray, and subtle beige. There are also strong and pastel shades of pink, blue, purple and orange, as well as electrifying, multi-colored styles.

Play the leading role with Velvet Reverie styles

The multitude of clothes in the Autumn / Winter 2024 collection allows you to choose a style for every occasion. Regardless of whether you are an incorrigible, dreamy romantic or a decisive, temperamental woman, in our exquisite Velvet Reverie collection you will always find styles that reflect your mood and character. Thanks to Velvet Reverie styles, reflecting your character and uniqueness, you become the most important and at the same time the most beautiful actress on the stage of your own life. It's up to you what role you will play today - romantic, dreamer, seductress, muse. Choose from the latest POCA & POCA styles that best describe you and play the leading role in them!

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