Spring / Summer 2023 Mini collection

Summer encourages fun and pranks. This is the time when children bloom and come to life like exotic flowers after winter, gaining positive energy and willingness to act. Each Little Princess of POCA & POCA becomes more active and livelier at this time, enjoying the charms of the surrounding and changing world for the better. Through our latest Spring / Summer Mini 2023 collection, we want to pay tribute to children's, sincere and unjustified joy and curiosity about the world. We want to add a pinch of magic and a bit of fairy-tale character to each new children's discoveries. We want to participate in active exploration of the world to make it more and more fanciful and beautiful. This is possible thanks to the original stylizations created by us dedicated to the spring and summer aura - the moment when the excitement of the world and getting to know it is gaining strength.

Magical spring, fabulous summer

The latest Spring / Summer 2023 Mini collection is full of light, ethereal stylizations aimed at our youngest customers - girls aged 1-6. Designers have prepared 14 pastel and warm like a summer afternoon proposal. Among them we will find fancy dresses with panties as well as elegant sets consisting of blouses and shorts as well as blouses and skirts. The ubiquitous frills and ruffles, characteristic of the POCA & POCA brand, in various, fanciful forms, embellish each styling, giving it a fairy-like, delicate character. Loose, non-waisted forms provide incredible comfort and freedom of movement in every situation. We want every POCA & POCA Princess to feel both exceptional and comfortable, because then discovering the world tastes much better! We mind the highest quality of materials, because we care about the absolute satisfaction of the most demanding, youngest recipients, which is why most of the clothes from the latest collection are made of 100% comfortable and airy cotton.

Pastel, light balls…

The latest Spring / Summer 2023 Mini collection by POCA & POCA, inspired by the colorful and joyful world waking up in spring, takes us to the Spring Palace, scented with lilies of the valley and lilac, where balls, light as soap bubbles, rule! They symbolize children's joy and uninhibited fun. They are in harmonious, pastel colors, just like the latest collection, which is ruled by powder pink, blue, beige and cream - delicate, subtle, girlish colors worthy of every Jasmine Lady. We will also find colorful, optimistic stylizations, perfect for charismatic, full of energy girls. The collection includes both stylizations with a smooth, subdued form as well as creations with sophisticated patterns, mosaics or fabulous fabric textures. Dots, flowers, stripes - these fashionable elements complement the styling, and in combination with subtle ruffles and clever frills, they give an extraordinary, ephemeral character. In the latest collection, we have also introduced a new element in the form of gold plaques signed with the brand, which are an original addition.

Children's joy is the most important for us

Exploring the world is much more interesting and fun when you are wearing unique clothes! The ones that express your mood and character, and at the same time are comfortable. So, choose from all the latest proposals from the Mini collection for the upcoming Spring / Summer 2023 season. Let children's exploration of the world be magical, unique and unrestrained. Sprinkle a bit of magic on every child's day and every event - from the most important ones to ordinary, everyday ones. Putting on our clothes, every POCA girl enters the Jasmine Castle full of fabulous, pastel balls, becoming the paramount and beautiful Princess of Spring Aura, and we pay homage to her sincere joy and carefree.

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