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Pink Line 2019

Woman's Collection

Pink Line – a magic touch of beauty

On the eve of one of the most charming periods of the year, we unveil the POCA & POCA Pink Line – women’s Autumn–Winter collection 10 stylish looks, perfect for every day, for work, for small and big outing. The Pink Line is our tribute to the beauty of simplicity and unlimited fashion creativity. Have you ever dreamed of putting on an ethereal white dress and running barefoot on stones immersed in a stream at dawn, and then, in the evening, surprising everyone with an outfit straight from the Paris catwalks? This is what Pink Line offers you! Freshness, subtle colours, gentle lines of elegant, silhouette-friendly cuts and great accessories - in this POCA & POCA collection you will find feminine delicacy, natural charm, as well as great comfort that will allow you to feel comfortable in every situation.

Elegant women’s clothes

At POCA & POCA, we have always believed in the power of femininity. And femininity has many faces. We closed all of them in the Pink Line collection - these are just a few garments from which you can conjure up many unusual outfits. We are so similar and yet so different. The Pink Line is one collection in which every woman will find something for herself. If you value a casual, natural look, choose the light blue long women's dress with wide sleeves and a pleated bottom - we are sure that you will feel great in it at work, at home and socialising with friends! Imagine a crisp Saturday morning when you drink coffee dressed in a subtle, long white dress with buttons reminiscent of a tropical vacation or, on the contrary, the quiet of a Scottish or Scandinavian village. Are you looking for original, elegant clothes for work? All you need are wide, high-waisted women's pants that you can combine with a blouse with a basque. Is an evening party coming? Your favourite culottes will be a perfect match for a tight top. As you can see, the Pink Line takes you into completely new dimensions of playing with fashion, where everything is possible!

Trendy colours Autumn - Winter 2019

While designing the POCA & POCA Pink Line collection, we admired women from distant corners of the world. Their energy and beauty that lasts in all conditions. In the severity of the Autumn-Winter aura of distant places, we found the basic threads from which this unique POCA & POCA women's collection was created. The Pink Line is composed of snowy white, interlaced with notes of blue carnations, wrapped in morning, milky fog and sweetened with a subtle pink of frosty cherries. The dresses, skirts, blouses and pants from the inspired by nature POCA & POCA Pink Line reflect winter time in its most beautiful colour version. In the collection you will find stylish white women's pants, pale pink dresses or light blue skirts - these universal colours suit every woman! You can wear them at work, during a family celebration, a date, when you go shopping or meet with your friends.

When simple clothes ornament you

POCA & POCA women's clothes have always been distinguished by classic cuts with a touch of ethereal extravagance. Also in the Pink Line collection, you will find cuts beneficial to your silhouette, but with a twist. High-waisted culottes will help you slim your waist and visually lengthen your legs, but they would not be so unusual if they did not have a few gold pearls on the sides! A long dress with a wide bottom is a perfect way to add lightness to the figure and cleverly hide its shortcomings, yet pleats are a trick that completely changes its character. A jabot blouse with golden buttons? You will quickly find out that it is a perfect match for jeans! A skirt with frills? You will look dazzling in it! Never forget that elegant dresses and jumpsuits with a waistline also make us look amazing - do not be afraid to combine them with ingenious accessories. It is the charming details - buttons, frills or cascades of creased fabric - that turn ordinary clothes into fashion magazine outfits!