The best story is your story

The BEST STORIES collection is an ode to you - to your magnificent individuality, to your immaculate style, to your never-ending grace. Those are the things, which are always worth celebrating. The best way to do it is through exclusive dresses, low skirts with tulle ruffles and, of course, floral blouses with a bateau neckline. They can be worn during the most glamorous parties or just during everyday tasks - decision is yours, just like this story is yours. POCA & POCA Clothes will always present your remarkable charisma, inspiring and empowering modern women around you. But most importantly they will convey the feeling of your choice. What will it be today? Pride, happiness, playfulness, confidence, thankfulness? You should not be afraid of also showing frustration, stress, disappointment or just sadness - they are also a part of you and are equally as valid. We just want to help you to express yourself as accurately as possible, through our flounces, iridescent tones and laces.

This tale starts with a fabric

Creating a collection of clothes, which perfectly describes POCA & POCA’s BEST STORIES theme required paying a rigorous attention to even the tiniest detail. Fabric had to be light just like a most beautiful dream, but simultaneously abundant enough to help you keep both of your feet on the ground. Which is why every elegant dress or blouse with a high collar is a little masterpiece and they deserve to be exposed in the best existing art gallery in the whole world - on you. Designing every skirt, shirt or dress required not only the experience and knowledge, but also enormous sense of style and even bigger amount of feelings. This is why collection BEST STORIES is an embodiment of a real life fantasy, full of mixed fabrics, textures and refinements. We used tulles, laces, silk, shimmering valances and more to make sure what you find in our online collection can become your signature style.

Chapter full of decisions and… iridescent tones

Imagine you are standing on a crossroad. On your left you have everything you knew and had so far, which in this case is not necessarily good: plain shirts, even simpler dresses and dull skirts. Did they ever make you feel confident? Did anyone ever gasp in awe after seeing your outfit? Have you been the reason fashion trends changed in your closest surroundings? Now look to your right. Admire the smooth fabric of exclusive skirts. Applaud the unique texture of ruffled dresses. Cherish every colour and tone shimmering in a daylight or light of chandeliers during most glamourous ball. Those clothes belong in glamour and splendor - and so do you.

Moral of this fable is full of flounces

Beauty comes from within, but our clothes help to bring it out. BEST STORIES is a POCA & POCA collection full of exclusive fashion for women, who do not want to be background characters in their own life. Shine on your own and brighten up every place! Every story starts and ends with you, but it is the way you live through every chapter that matters - from beginning till finish. The first step in the right direction is always the hardest one, but it can also be the best you made thus far. You just have to remember, what you leave behind: dull and boorish clothes - the reason you got lost in the crowd one too many times. In front of you is the BEST STORIES collection, which embodies the promise of a brighter and colourful future. So fill every blank page with a violet dress with ruffles, white blouse with high collar or lush cedar green high waist pants and become the hero of your own story!

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