Spring / Summer 2023 Petite collection

Spring is a time of carefree, childish joy. The aura surrounds us with a multitude of colors and fragrances, and we wake up from the winter, melancholy mood and feel how more and more positive energy enters us. It is a time characterized by lightness and unrestricted freedom. And that's what the latest POCA & POCA girl collection is all about. It is guided by the idea of airiness and delicacy in a joyful, pastel version. Every young lady will find something for herself, because, as always, there is a variety of forms and colors - through everyday, casual outfits to elegant, ball gowns. Vivid, intense colors are designed to enliven every image and breathe an optimistic spirit of spring into it.

Spring, fresh edition

The latest collection consists of 18 subtle proposals for elegant girls aged 3-12. Among them we will find fairy-tale dresses, fancy blouses, clever shorts, airy skirts or tasteful jumpsuit. All this so that every Young Lady has a full selection of creations, absolutely for every occasion - from important life events to everyday, casual situations. An inseparable and characteristic feature of our brand are the ubiquitous, ethereal and fancy frills, which are also present in the latest Petite Collection Spring / Summer 2023. Vertical, horizontal, volumetric, crinkled, butterfly - all of them are a perfect and extraordinary addition, adding indescribable lightness and originality. In POCA & POCA clothes, no element is accidental, all details are carefully thought out and made with insane precision. The selection of appropriate buttons, pleats, ruffles, inserts is a complicated and carefully thought-out issue by designers. The harmonious fit of each element ensures both comfort and extraordinary taste. In the latest collection, we tried to add a new, unusual element in the form of metal plaques signed with the POCA & POCA logo.

Spring has pastel colors

Awakened from the Porcelain Chambers of the Princess POCA & POCA, they are ready to learn and explore further, unknown parts of the mysterious palace that emerges from the fog and ice, transforming into the Lily of the Valley Castle. They are bursting with energy and the desire to discover what is unknown. This time they reach a pastel Chamber full of light, colorful bubble balls! They are nothing else than the epitome of the latest collection! Light, ethereal outfits designed on airy and unique fabrics with delicate, pastel colors embody fresh, positive energy enchanted in a joyful aura. Referring to exotic, blooming plants and fruits, they provide unique, original refinement and freshness in the colors of dignified, powder pink, blue, beige and peach. For energetic, spirited ladies, we have proposals for multi-colored, optimism-filled stylizations, referring to colorful, wildflowers. What ensures the delicate airiness of our clothes are asymmetric and puffy elements as well as non-waisted, fanciful forms. But the latest collection is not only airy, loose dresses! There are also elegant, fitted and tight cuts.

Magical spring revival

Let each stylization fully express the spring, optimistic mood and carefree joy of life of every young lady. With our latest collection it is possible. Reach for light, subtle, tasteful stylizations that please the eye, ensuring full freedom of movement. Trust the brand that knows magic and girlish likes like no other. Let the spring pastel fairies accompany every refined POCA girl in an energetic, joyful discovery of the world day after day, ensuring tasteful uniqueness and fully embodying their optimistic, pastel spirit of spring aura.

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