Spring / Summer 2024 Petite Collection

Spring and summer are a period of unrestrained joy and affirmation of the world, which is a contribution to exploring and discovering the surrounding reality to an increasingly greater extent. After a quiet, stately winter, it's time for a positive energy boost associated with nature coming to life and an explosion of vivid colors. This is the moment when every young POCA & POCA girl comes to life like a blooming spring primrose. In a burst of energy and spring optimism, she wants to set off on the most important journey - a journey deep into herself, in search of her unique, original style, which will mature and grow with her from an early age. The POCA & POCA brand wants to make this exciting life journey more enjoyable by enriching it with its unique and eye-catching creations that will certainly help every Young Lady discover her own look that reflects her character, individuality and uniqueness. We invite you to check out the latest collection.

The airiness of a fairy and the dignity of a princess

The Spring / Summer 2024 Petite collection consists of 22 graceful and delicate looks that will appeal to both active and energetic adventurers and distinguished, calm young Aristocrats. POCA & POCA designers focused on strongly emphasizing spring's airiness and girlishness, which is why the latest collection is full of dresses - there are as many as 16 of them! Each proposal is the quintessence of carefree, sunny joy and the transience of a spring butterfly. Which of them best reflects your character? An ethereal, alabaster dress with muslin inserts? Or maybe an ethereal, pastel creation with sleeves in the shape of blooming hyacinths? Or maybe a cheerful, airy dress with a floral print? The latest collection also includes dresses with a characteristic element that distinguishes the POCA & POCA brand - an ethereal ruffle decorating an aristocratic skirt or sophisticated sleeves. You will also find fancy fringes and delicate feathers. We can choose from energetic orange or neon colors, through delicate pastels, beige, lilac and timeless, classic black and snowdrop white.

The journey must be colorful

For a life's journey into your own style to be interesting and satisfying, it must, first of all, be full of colors. Youth is energy, joy and diversity, which is why our proposals include both intense, neon colors and subdued, pastel and classic colors. All this so that every young POCA & POCA girl has a full range of styles suitable for absolutely every mood and occasion. Regardless of whether you are going to an elegant family celebration, a friend's crazy birthday or an exciting trip, you will always find an outfit that highlights both the uniqueness of the occasion and your exceptional and original character. The latest collection also includes outfits perfect for everyday wear, such as comfortable shorts with a spring motif or a geometric skirt with a matching, multi-colored blouse, perfect for school, shopping or a casual, lazy afternoon.

It's time to start a colorful hike

The Spring/Summer 2024 Petite collection was created for young girls who are slowly, step by step, entering the world of fashion, searching for and developing their own unique style. We believe that styles inspired by a joyful spring journey will be a perfect choice and a reflection of this unique and satisfying journey deep into yourself, shaping your sense of aesthetics and emphasizing girlish delicacy, inspired by subtle, spring, blooming flowers. So, it's time for every young POCA & POCA girl to set off on her own stylistic journey, choosing the first, unique, fairy-tale style from our latest collection. We wish you the best choices and a pleasant journey.

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