POCA & POCA has unveiled its ‘Pink Line’ Collection, a set of 16 looks dedicated to the everyday wardrobe,

meeting and whether at work or on the go, without losing the true essence and magical touch of POCA & POCA.

Each piece is inspired by a woman’s effortless approach to fashion, confident in her skin yet sophisticated and elegant in a natural way.

Subtlety and freedom emanate from each creation, conjured up with care and diligence.

Mastery and artistry combine with the avant-garde, allowing to admire designs that are surprising

and endearing at the same time through delicacy, elusiveness and incomparable grace.

The smoothness of the lines is enhanced by unique shades oscillating between delicate pastels and luscious neon.

Orange has the juiciness of grapefruit, yellow the freshness of lime and lemon sorbet,

and the cream is associated with vanilla sweetness.

Items in delicate pink and lovely lilac color ads a delicacy to the collection.

There were also references to the past in the unusual  colorful checkered pattern.

The palette of diverse and perfectly matched colors includes a wide range of dresses and jumpsuits,

as well as blouses, asymmetrical skirts and high-waisted shorts.

Everyday pleasures are to evoke the delightful and elegant charm of gold coins, this time serving as an accessory that is both practical and decorative.

The collection embodies a characterization for a woman with a fun-loving spirit, a beautiful essence, and a  magical soul,

with yet a softer and more approachable panache to the brand’s main collection, thus a ‘Pink Line’ collection.

The collection is available on POCA & POCA online shop:

See the entire collection in on-line POCA & POCA shop.

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