Spring / Summer 2023 MINI - CAMP 1

When the days are getting longer and the sun treats us with its radiant smile more and more often, the world becomes more beautiful, and the POCA & POCA little princess gains new energy for the upcoming Spring / Summer 2023 season. She impatiently awaits the day when she will be able to go outside and feel the touch of Spring, the smell of developing nature and see the beauty of the world waking up from winter lethargy. This beautiful time makes her want to dance, sing and have fun. Every morning she imagines the new dress she puts on. Waiting for warm and sunny days, she spends time in the palace living room by the window, looking for changes taking place, and in the afternoons she sneaks into a secret and at the same time magical room…

This time the palace room was filled with colorful balls that floated in the air and fell to the floor. With every minute there were more and more balls, their colors perfectly harmonized with each other, creating a perfect palette of Spring and Summer colors. However, the POCA & POCA little princess was not alone like last time, because in the magic room, apart from the enchanted balls, another girl was having a great time. Delighted with this fact, the princess knew that she would have a friend to play with for the next few days, until the enchanted chamber disappeared again to reappear in a new version in some time. Magic balls gave both girls a lot of joy, but also inspired with their colors. The following days passed in a perfect mood until one morning the POCA & POCA little princess, wanting to start the playful day earlier, noticed that the enchanted chamber had disappeared. She immediately ran to the living room to look through the large window to see if the longed-for Spring had come…

Spring / Summer 2023 MINI - CAMP 2

Spring / Summer 2023 MINI - CAMP 3

POCA & POCA little princess in love with cute creations starts to compose her new wardrobe for special occasions. This time it focuses on pastel, subdued shades of beige, pink, blue and green, but also leaves the classic cream. Monocolor fabrics are intertwined with patterns such as flowers, checks, spots, stripes and dots to give the clothes a spring atmosphere. The collection includes only the highest quality fabrics, starting from jacquards, through cotton and ending with a charming pleat. The clothes are decorated with frivolous frills, ruffles and tie bows on the shoulders. A gold plate signed with the POCA & POCA logo was used as a decorative element for the first time.

The collection includes 13 creations that are suitable for a pool party, a walk on the beach, shopping in the city, having fun with friends, but also for special occasions. Charming dresses impress with cuts and matching fabrics, and in combination with panties they create a great composition. In shades of pink, we will find a set of a blouse and shorts and a blouse fastened with buttons in combination with a pleated skirt. The sets also included a beautiful blouse with puffy sleeves finished with an elastic band, decorated with small frills and a unique floral skirt tied with bows on the shoulders. Especially for the little princess was made an elegant dress, decorated with spatial 3D flowers. Blouses and dresses fastened with gold buttons reflect the timeless nature of the POCA & POCA brand. The girly nature of the entire collection makes it filled with positive children's energy and encourages her to wear it.

The Spring / Summer 2023 MINI collection is available at the POCA & POCA boutique in Galeries Lafayette in Dubai Mall and Our on-line Shop at www.pocaandpoca.com.

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