Spring / Summer 2023 collection

Spring and summer are a time of constant excitement with the world waking up to life. It is a time full of positive emotions - joy, delight, inspiration, satisfaction. We enjoy the magic of blooming colors, new smells and flavors around us. It awakens our senses, encourages us to be active, gives us energy to take on new, sometimes crazy challenges. Maybe your challenge will be to refresh your wardrobe and introduce completely new, fabulous elements, inspired by noble spring plants and aromas of the reviving world? Our Spring / Summer 2023 collection is full of original cuts, floral forms, eccentric, eye-catching fabrics and a riot of pastel, ephemeral colors. Delight with your look and fresh, feminine look like the Greek, subtle Persephone, who embodies spring.


Sensual freshness and lightness

A characteristic feature of the POCA & POCA brand is the airiness obtained thanks to loose, puffy, modernist forms, created on high-quality, unconventional materials. The original textures of the fabrics refer to the spring fauna and flora waking up to life. Our clothes will allow you to emphasize sensual femininity with asymmetric, lyrical frills present on sleeves, skirts or crowning necklines. The latest collection also includes geometric patterns perfect for bold, go-getting women. There are also original, hairy elements. Designers take care of every, even the smallest detail, which makes POCA & POCA clothes luxurious and unique. Accessories in the form of subtle belts, sachets, puffs or decorative buttons add a unique grace and refined character to the outfits. There are also new, fanciful details such as chains or bold cutouts under the bust and on the back. Based on simple, classic cuts, original and enigmatic forms are created, delighting with a fresh, modernist look at fashion, which are impossible to pass by indifferently. We are dealing with a sophisticated combination of refined elegance and modernity, worthy of every spring, contemporary Goddess.


Pastel, spring enthusiasm

The Spring / Summer 2023 collection impresses with a multitude of pastel colors, referring to the subtle spring aura. Here we will find shades of blue, green, pistachio and sunny yellow. There are also feminine, powdery colors such as pink, beige, peach or ivory. For lovers of classic tones, POCA & POCA designers have created sophisticated outfits in black and white. The collection also includes clothes in strong, saturated, eye-catching colors such as cobalt, fuchsia, or juicy orange and strawberry. Every woman will find the right cut and color for the chosen occasion. As we know, spring and summer are a time when we are not afraid of challenges. We are more willing to undertake crazy tasks, we like social meetings or trips. The collection offers comfortable clothes of the highest quality that will meet every occasion, emphasizing the ephemerality and uniqueness of the owner. Choose from ethereal dresses, sophisticated shorts, unique jumpsuits, sensual sets or exquisite blouses.


Be a modern Persephone

Our inspiration in the Spring / Summer 2023 collection is the vision of a modern, active woman who loves life and shows it primarily through her appearance. She loves her femininity, emphasizing delicacy and sensuality at every step. She is a modern Goddess, keeper of the hearth and fully life-affirming adventurer, ready for any challenge. The POCA & POCA woman combines courage and independence with enigmaticity and elegance. She is a character full of positive vibes and creative, unconventional solutions, which she expresses through her unique, meaningful outfits, perfect for every occasion. You can become one now! Take a look at our virtual wardrobe and see how, under the influence of enigmatic outfits, you will feel an even greater surge of energy and an amazing spring zest for life!

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