Women's Collection

Autumn / Winter 2022

Finish the year 2022 in style with the latest Autumn / Winter 2022 collection by POCA & POCA. This year, we want to combat seasonal depression with strong colours and charming details. The collection features a delicate mixture of high-fashion elegance with comfortable fabrics and vibrant shades, dominated by blue, pink, and orange shades, but also featuring white, black, and beige. No matter whether you’re looking for a stylish new dress or an elegant caped jumpsuit, the Autumn / Winter 2022 collection introduces 70 wonderful attires, available in a range of cute colours and using a unique combination of decorative elements and flowing fabrics to create truly sophisticated designs.

What’s available in the Autumn / Winter 2022 collection ?

This year’s Autumn / Winter collection features some incredible highlights that you absolutely have to see. One of them is a gorgeous raspberry dress, made with unique bubble fabric and decorated with ruffles. In addition, the sleeves and pockets of the dress were fitted with ruched details, and gold stamp buttons finish the look with a stylish flair. If you’re looking for something different than a dress, don’t worry - there are plenty of other options available in the Autumn / Winter 2022 collection by POCA & POCA, like the beautiful Pink-Cobalt set of cape and shorts, made with flowing fabrics in fascinating colours, fastened with decorative gold buttons, and tied at the sides blouses and pants are also plentiful in this year’s collection - achieve a perfect Autumn look with a pair of black high-waisted pants, made out of a uniquely textured fabric, combined with a vibrant orange blouse with long sleeves, ruched waist and cuffs, and shorter fabric on the sides.

How to take clothing measurements for the Autumn / Winter 2022 collection ?

To make the best impression on others while wearing Autumn / Winter 2022 collection attire, it’s extremely important to order the right size variants for you. Each of us is made different and beautiful, and matching our clothes to our bodies is all that’s keeping us from achieving a gorgeous look. When measuring your body, it’s recommended to use a tailor’s tape, otherwise known as a sewing tape measure. Start by measuring your chest - bring the tape around your body over the fullest part of your bust while wearing a bra, making sure to keep the tape straight across your back and under your armpits. The waist is measured at the narrowest point, just a bit above the belly button. Keep the tape close to your body, but not too tight - you don’t want your new dress to be uncomfortable to wear. Finally, measure your hips by bringing the tape around the widest point of your hip, touching your heels together, as well as your legs by standing upright and measuring from the top of the inside of your leg to the desired length of your skirt, pants, or dress. If you’re often wearing heels, remember to take that into account.

More high-fashion collections and intricate designs at POCA & POCA

POCA & POCA specializes in designing and manufacturing elegant creations for women that highlight femininity and showcase incredible attention to detail. We supervise the production of our clothes at every stop, from raw materials to the gorgeous designs you see in our store. All of our clothing is handmade by artisan sewers, combining luxurious designs and intricate detailing with delicate fabrics that flow as you walk and keep you comfortable. For more one-of-a-kind designs, we wholeheartedly invite you to see our other collections as well. Each year, we come up with at least 3-4 incredible collections for women and children - all absolutely stunning and glamorous. Check them out!

A few selected product presentations from our women's collection AW22

Green jumpsuit with rectangular neckline and long sleeves, decorated by long sash around the neck, Pink volume dress made with textured fabric with triangular neckline and big ruffles, Brown long dress made with cotton fabric, with lot of flounces on the skirt and layered ruffles on the sleeves, Orange dress with big belly sleeves, made by bubble fabric, fastened by gold ring buttons:


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Girl's Collection

Children collection Autumn / Winter 2022

The new POCA & POCA children collection impresses with fairy-tale character, which was created for every Autumn Princess who wants to stand out from the crowd and breaking out of the classic, standard, well-worn frames and schemes. The multitude of our creations and the fancifulness of modern forms will allow you to compose both daily, comfortable outfits, as well as creating refined, elegant stylizations, tailored to the unique needs and occasions of each noble, young lady. With us, you can break the autumn routine, focusing on fairy-tale originality and identifying yourself with one of the characters from a distant land full of magic and spells. Say goodbye to summer with a smile on your face and step into the autumn aura with a new, fairy-tale idea for yourself that you will surely love!

What's new in the children collection Autumn / Winter 2022 ?

The new children's collection is full of fabulous colors and curved shapes. You can choose from 39 original, unique products that will charm even the most demanding princess with fancy forms and noble fabrics of the highest quality. You can choose from clever dresses, subtle skirtsgraceful blouses or fantastic sets designed for children aged 7-12. Many decorative elements refer to autumn leaves falling silently, or the calyxes of September flowers. The new collection includes a whole range of colors from shy pastels - blue, pink or cream, to the strong colors of autumn-winter aura - heather, lavender, noble grays and mustard color. There will also be offers for Princesses who adore classic black or heavenly, alabaster white. Because we meet the expectations of demanding aristocrats, apart from smooth materials, there are also fashionable, captivating patterns such as checkor dots.

Exceptional inspirations

Referring to the extraordinary world of fairy tales and spells for children, POCA & POCA with great care recreates the stylizations of girl characters in completely new versions. We believe that by putting on our clothes, you will feel like one of the unique, well-known characters from fairy tales. If you've only known them from beautiful books so far, it's time to make your fiction come true. You can become one of them right now! The collection includes a modern version of the elegant Snow Queen stylization, light as a mist Cinderella's ball dress, Bella's delicate, everyday outfitor subtle styling straight from the Sleeping Beauty's chamber. Or maybe you want to be a unique, exceptional, contemporary Princess of the Porcelain Chamber? Go ahead, thanks to our other stylizations you can easily do it! Each of our products is made with great passion and the utmost attention to detail. As a result, POCA & POCA creates unique, intricate stylizations that add a pinch of magic and ephemeral nobility to the everyday life of every girl. And all this so that the little admirer of POCA & POCA could feel like a unique, first-class Princess. In such outfits you will surely enchant your surroundings!

Close your eyes and enter the magical porcelain chamber ...

Be amazed by the sophisticated shapes, the multitude of light frills, the delicacy of muslin, ethereal materials and incredible aesthetic values. Reach for pastel, subtle colors that emphasize children's carelessness and joy, or elegant, refined forms perfect for calm ladies, dignifiedly celebrating the end of summer. We are aware that each Princess is different, unique and surely everyone will find their favorite outfit in this collection. Autumn does not have to be gloomy and monotone of colors. It's only up to you if you add a little magic to it. POCA & POCA gives you a unique opportunity - feel like a unique heroine of the most beautiful fairy tale that your life spins.

A few selected product presentations from our girl's collection AW22

Pink dress tied on the arms by sash in leaf shapes, decorated with ruffles on the bottom, Pink volume dress with ruffles on the sleeves, high collar, decorated with gold bubble buttons, Dress made by embroidered fabric with shorts sleeves and lovely ruffles on the bottom, Beige dress made by waffle fabric with suspenders and ruffles, decorated by gold bubble buttons:

produkcts petite

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Baby's Collection

POCA & POCA MINI collection Autumn / Winter 2022

The little girl's world is magic in itself. Externalize it with the latest POCA & POCA Mini Collection. Make each day a celebration of joy and carefree, caused by unrestricted, inspiring fun. Winter days can be full of pastel colors and colorful patterns. Enter the enchanted porcelain chamber, drink warm, cinnamon tea from a porcelain cup, put on one of our latest styling and pour magic every day. Immerse yourself in the softness of the fabric, inspired by the delicacy of September velvets and charm with airy, delicate forms and fabulous colors that chase away autumn boredom. Create your new image with us, full of childhood optimism and original, subtle character.

What can we find in the new POCA & POCA MINI collection Autumn / Winter 2022 ?

The new POCA & POCA Mini collection consists of 20 original styles created with tenderness and a great sense of aesthetics and pietism. It is aimed at the youngest and the most demanding POCA & POCA fans aged 1-6 who appreciate the highest quality materials and finishes as well as absolute comfort. The leitmotif of the collection is an enchanted palace, shrouded in a magical mist, situated in a distant land of blooming heathers, which resulted in the creation of fancy dresses that combine fairy-tale magic with practicality and comfort. The collection is dominated by warm and pastel colors, perfectly reflecting the girl's innocence and carefree, and retaining memories of joyful summer days. You can choose from creations in the colors of sweet, powdery pink, perfect for any occasion, ripening peach perfectly reflecting the energetic character of the owner, noble alabaster and ivory perfectly emphasizing elegance, or blooming heather, referring to the autumn emerging in our hearts and surroundings.

Fabulous and autumn originality

Pastel colors and patterned fabrics referring to carefree summer days are the best idea for autumn boredom and monotony. POCA & POCA stylizations introduce you to a joyful, magical world full of fairy-tale princesses and fairies, in which you - the Princess of the Porcelain Chamber - play the most important role. Choose from clever and delicate as haze dresses and play the role of a noble princess whenever you feel like it! Little Princesses deserve the best, which is why POCA & POCA takes care of their styling - from the moment of creating the design, to sewing and finishing with the smallest details. You can be calm, your Young Lady will be fully satisfied with the delicate, airy fabrics and fancy, flared forms designed so as not to restrict movements in anything and provide full comfort to every young world explorer. The unique character of the styling is added by charming decorative elements located in the area of the sleeves and neckline, as well as the numerous, puffy frills, characteristic for the brand.

Bet on the comfort of a little princess

We understand the importance of comfort for children, this is why the dresses from the Autumn / Winter Mini 2022 collection, aimed at the Youngest Enthusiasts of the POCA & POCA brand, are designed so that no element of them causes discomfort in everyday use. We also attach great importance to the materials - their quality must be the best and the texture exceptional to fully reveal the uniqueness and originality of the styling. The latest collection includes both plain, single-colored dresses, perfect for toned Winter Princesses, as well as full of joy and fanciful patterns, perfectly emphasizing the spontaneity and energy of Rowan Ladies. You will find dresses with horizontal stripes, colorful dots, or a graceful, floral print. Regardless of whether you are a little supporter of simple or expressive forms, you will surely find the perfect styling that will fully reflect your mood, autumn character and charming girlishness.

A few selected product presentations from our baby's collection AW22

Pink-cream asymmetrical dress made by checkered fabric, decorated with small ruffles, Orange volume dress with puffy sleeves, decorated by gold bubble buttons, Brown-cream dress made by checkered fabric, tied on the sides, decorated by ruffles and gold bubble buttons, Multicolor volume dress made by printed fabric, fastened by gold bubble buttons:

products mini

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